Operating for more than a year to talk about how do on the site more than P5

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in the very early days is very terrible, but now this has the effect of drop very low. But for Google, PR is still very effective, and the effect of introducing spiders to the site is also very good. So we should not only Links operation on the web page, but also on the column page and the topic page to a chain exchange, even within the page with the page exchange. This is the top of the 996 main reasons of the chain.

love Shanghai Post Bar, library and related forum posting. These places can not only bring the post success IP flow stability, but also promote the article included. Note that here the chain of hair according to the article page URL site, rather than the domain name of the website.

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three, long tail word

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means that when the site is open to the search engine, the station must, at least 500 or more, of course, not all of these articles collected. Either the mass or the original false original, pseudo original + + acquisition way. Of course, the acquisition component of not more than 3 into. The results of the method of operation is likely to result in a site to search engines will be punished. But it is a start, the site didn’t flow weight, so after this day to update the original article for recovery, so that not only can quickly restore the site, but also to the site’s weight into 1 fast love Shanghai.

although this strategy may seem common, but many people are not aware of or the operation is not good. Shanghai dragon is through out of practice, so the author thinks that the effect should be out of practice out.

said that although the operation for more than a year, IP traffic reached more than 50 thousand sites but it mostly meet the eye everywhere, a big team operation results, and we participate in the site operation personnel 4, an editor, two outside the chain, an operation. So I think some operation methods of this website to some Adsense or helpful reference. Let’s talk about what are the specific methods of operation.

four, Links operation

operation of the site in addition to the execution of operation strategy is better, the right to occupy a large component. Today I would like to own a new operation today, daily IP to reach more than 50 thousand. The first screenshot attached Webmaster Tools:

through the analysis of competitors, they can often be found on the content of the page ranking good reason is due to the weight of the domain name is too high, the weight of the transfer is also high. Relative to the chain of the page and the optimization is not very strong, this is the reason we can be more than URL, the page of the long tail keywords are soft outside the chain optimization, resulting in a long tail keywords over competitors.