Detailed Shanghai Longfeng practitioners should consider the question orders

4 to open the internal web site to see if there is a user experience or content optimization over

hardware to each other, to see how the optimization potential client website:

1 to observe each other included in the site of

now website optimization Shanghai dragon Er is too much, just a dozen friends to do this business, not to mention the Internet what professional company or team. It is not surprising, after all, the number of sites is too much, the website optimization has become a part of the network construction process is the indispensable, but with a large number into the novice, another problem arises, is to offer the market disorder, many novice blind price or commitment, do not end up task well, go-slow, finally get the industry so today I The atmosphere was foul., and we should pay attention to what you say in order of time, so as not to novice friends at a loss.

The first observation of

many people caught in a misunderstanding that is connected with single pricing only focus on the degree of competition keywords, this will be very one-sided, because the site as a keyword vector, hardware conditions, the suck you do not reach the ideal effect. So when accepting a list, do not blindly pricing, we should first look at the basic situation of the other site, the old domain general or renew time long site optimization difficulty will be smaller. From this consideration, our pricing can ease up a bit. Of course, this is just one aspect, I took a look at the observation of the other segments of the hardware conditions, should pay attention to the following points;

6 finally ask recent contentAfter

finished the other hardware detection, then we will have a rational assessment according to the keywords competition program.


for research should be carried out from three aspects, the first to see the current keyword ranking how, this is the most basic steps, I believe I do not have to repeat each other, as long as the main keywords ranking is not ideal, then the optimization problem in this way, the second is to look at how this is love Shanghai index. Experience the most direct competition degree, index 100 and the index of 1W price is clearly not the same, the third would have to look at the direction of the keywords? Some time ago, a customer asked me to do "chemo chest" of the word, then searched the word index is about 200, but it was about the news has repeatedly reported, estimation of the word search volume in the future will certainly be very big, "

3 use webmaster tools to detect the chain, observe whether there is the phenomenon of illegal

5 IP under the same test site, in addition to see whether the client server whether stable, often attack

2 from the quantity and quality of a careful analysis of the customer site chain and chain construction The frequency of updates The snapshot,