Analysis influence of noble of Shanghai dragon baby hummingbird algorithm

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2, page optimization and adjacent page.

is the long tail of more cash out of the user’s search intention, we can fully tap with purpose and regional and long tail keywords, long tail keywords to cover a wider area, but can not deviate from the theme. Such as tourism can dig "from XXX to XXX Tour" and "XXX tickets discount" this type of long tail keywords, but do not tap the "XXX hospital fees how this basic no related long tail keywords.

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1, the long tail keywords.

so noble baby hummingbird algorithm in the end of Shanghai dragon have no effect? According to Dai Ming blog opinion, this update has great influence on the Shanghai dragon industry, is simply added to show other semantic resources, then we will certainly own "back row. But Shanghai dragon is not finished, just need to transform ideas, do more long tail optimization. And, Shanghai dragon need to gradually abandon those old knowledge and new knowledge from the Shanghai dragon and user experience.

algorithm and based on the noble love Shanghai baby, Dai Ming blog from the optimization of the poly travel way to analysis, the future of Shanghai dragon should pay more attention to the following aspects:

we all know that we need the keyword optimization must be highly correlated with the location of the page, with the noble baby hummingbird algorithm updates, adjacent pages in the face of the current page recommendation will become more and more important (including conventional chain, export, friends of the chain), adjacent pages must have a high correlation with the need to optimize the keywords. Otherwise the optimization efforts is not up to the standard ranking. For example, we should optimize the words "Chengdu to Jiuzhaigou traffic" corresponding to the page, then its export and import page should also be said "related information" from Chengdu to Jiuzhaigou, or "Jiuzhaigou traffic information".

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will introduce the noble baby hummingbird algorithm. Noble baby means "hummingbird algorithm precision", "fast", pay more attention to the semantic analysis. This algorithm is not minor repairs, but for a time to rewrite the entire ranking algorithm. The official SearchEngineLand Danny Sullivan noble baby said in a statement on the website update algorithm above 90% will influence far more than any previous algorithm to update the influence scope. In addition, in fact, as early as the noble baby hummingbird algorithm a month ago has been quietly on the line, but in the day announced.

September 28, 2013, noble baby hummingbird algorithm formally updated its core algorithm with love Shanghai Box Computing almost everyone knows the love of Shanghai Box Computing pit many webmaster, intercepted a lot of traffic, then the baby hummingbird algorithm to update the nobility is not with love, like Shanghai? What effect it has on Shanghai dragon