2017 continue to engage in Shanghai Longfeng OK Shanghai dragon still have a brilliant future

3, pay attention to the user experience, "to describe the title keywords fascinating

in addition, website design should accord with the principles of the search engine grab. The flat structure, try to use breadcrumb navigation, so the search engine spiders crawl easily, but also more conducive to ranking. In addition, the code must be concise, do not use any complex code for posing, that will make your website crawl frequency is much lower.

industry downturn, Shanghai dragon is more difficult to let more people to engage in Shanghai dragon industry lose confidence, and even a lot of people think the industry has developed to the end, not what good. In this regard, small thought for the majority of Shanghai dragon ER ask: 2017 continue to engage in Shanghai dragon is feasible? For this problem, a lot of big coffee also has spoken reply, said in 2017 that Shanghai dragon still have a brilliant future. So, why the big coffee are still optimistic about the Shanghai dragon

is such a judgment, mainly because the search engine is still the most accurate way to promote the popularization of Internet, Internet users through the keyword input, analysis of the needs of users, provides the required content pages for users to complete one to one service, this service in addition to the search engine, there is no other way to do.

1, the brand industry linked keywords and domain name


domain name choice of the past are easy to remember, or novelty, but these are often associated with the company’s brand, not what industry keywords, also led to many users do not know what is the enterprise. With the company’s brand, industry keywords hook, at least users can understand the company’s main project from the domain name, to promote the optimization and improve visibility are of great help.

search engine is a generalization of the mainstream, just need

2017 Shanghai dragon promotion optimization how to do

not only that, the amount of Internet information explosion has caused a lot of trouble for the users of daily life, if there is no search engine, users will be lost in the ocean of information, as long as the amount of information is large enough, we need to search engine, Shanghai dragon.


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did Shanghai Longfeng people know, site space is stable effect on the site is very large, unstable space will not only lead to the pages of the web site to open, but also may lead to the site is often closed, and that the search engine, the user experience is very bad. Especially for Shanghai dragon ranking, the instability of the space is often not popular.

The user experience is >

space to steady, the design must be reasonable

for Shanghai dragon optimization promotion in 2017, there are a lot of small suggestions are the essence of Shanghai dragon big coffee are summarized in the exchange, I believe that reading will be understood.