How do the Shanghai dragon service on the nternet

analysis of the Internet now Shanghai dragon orders of stone their orders have the time, but in the Shanghai dragon WHY, A5 forum, you will find the Shanghai Longfeng service needs far more than the number of Shanghai dragon services, oversupply. And these needs Shanghai Longfeng service in the majority or peers, if you want to pick a single, it belongs to the Shanghai dragon outsourcing. Simply said, others are "Shanghai dragon foreman", and you are just ordinary "Shanghai dragon workers" natural "Shanghai dragon workers earn little. Now the Shanghai dragon dragons and fishes jumbled together industry, there are some people who are not honest, it is very difficult to let customers through the Internet channel to trust a stranger, so Shanghai dragon orders on the Internet is the biggest obstacle to integrity problems. In fact, there are problems of price standard, compared with the individual optimization company Shanghai dragon orders without what processes, on the Internet there is no way to sign the contract. Is not a network of Shanghai Longfeng orders really can not go? After analyzing the basic situation of Shanghai Longfeng orders, the discussion of how to use the Internet to do the Shanghai dragon service. A little stone according to my own experience summed up in three steps.

Hello, I am old boy in Shanghai Longfeng studio stone, now more and more people in Shanghai dragon Er Shanghai Longfeng orders, can be said to a bursting of the situation. Build own Shanghai dragon blog, and fantasy as long as the words do the first page of Shanghai, will have customers take the initiative to come, before it is such a stone. But later that rely on their own blog Shanghai Longfeng orders is fond dream, grassroots Shanghai dragon blog is not Hot Blog, while the majority of personal blog Shanghai dragon optimization keywords are like "Hefei Shanghai dragon" so that customers will not search words. But one Shanghai dragon blog is really a good name card, ordinary personal blog Shanghai dragon really can play the role of name card, let the customer know Shanghai Longfeng your level, again, this is not enough,

: do their own "Internet name card"

The first step of

to advertise themselves is unavoidable, such as the Shanghai dragon is not only self built blog, blog, the third party blog platform can use, once I see customers in the horizon of the Shanghai dragon blog, and then to contact me. Even QQ space. These can be show their Shanghai Longfeng service platform, the purpose is to let more potential customers know that you are doing the optimization. It needs the help of the promotion, the best tomorrow to write a soft Wen, oiwn on these platforms, the Shanghai dragon Er, soft Wen promotion we should be good at the comparison, a widely reprinted article can bring customers.


we can even in the normal hair of the chain, can use the real name system, if you have a web site optimization ranking has been good, basically is the love of Shanghai before three, you must have a lot of competitors to use the domain command to view your.