2012 2013 algorithm to predict the trend of love Shanghai

this breadcrumb call is what do you mean, you look carefully, Google search for a keyword, a list of the website, the title is at the top of the title the following URL, is described below. Love the description of Shanghai is placed below the title, URL below. Google search is part of the weight of high standing results, called breadcrumb navigation, it can click on the URL is, some have to directly into the site list page. This point is the search engine to experience a improvement to the user. Because the search result is a land where each one should make good use of. If you call the breadcrumb navigation, it will promote the users click, increase search engine user viscosity. In the near future, love Shanghai is likely to take this way, so the webmaster do stand in, or to optimize the time, attention must be paid to the bread crumbs navigation.

algorithm, the improvement of the copyright. This algorithm will spread to the novel station, station, literature station, QQ station, medical station and download station.

recently fell in love with the sea frequently engage in big moves, including the big update algorithm from 6.28 K to August 22nd, died many websites, the author also very concerned about the Shanghai love algorithm by following the trend, some of the masters of learning, and their observation of understanding, sharing the following three major love Shanghai prediction algorithm.


is from the very beginning, love Shanghai already in the implementation of copyright algorithm, various aspects between the conditions are still not mature, so there is no big action. 8.22, love Shanghai official finally announcement, statement of this algorithm. This adjustment, only for the collection of low quality sites, and reduce the sorting collection site. This is a new algorithm for copyright far more, is expected in November of this year, love Shanghai will launch a perfect algorithm for copyright. The two major breakthrough, one is the full recognition of the collecting and original content (now is not fully recognition and acquisition). Because the development of the Internet today, has been completely better than the year. A few years ago love Shanghai why not do this? The amount of information, because the Internet was still in a serious lack of information of the Internet today, the amount of information explosion, the same content too much. Love Shanghai to survive, the parties also need to face competition, love Shanghai recently saw the official platform, but also for the implementation of the global strategy, based on these, he must have a good user experience, come to this step, is necessary to clean up the garbage information. The two is to increase the original content of the complaint mechanism. Each algorithm is not perfect, through these updates, you will find love in Shanghai is very pay attention to feedback information center, adding special action complaint window, but now this mechanism is not perfect, after all the complaints stand too much, including me a complaint all delays in processing, the snapshot, love Shanghai certainly knows this. So the complaints mechanism about the future of love Shanghai original will certainly build up perfect.

two search results, called breadcrumb navigation.