360 Webmaster Platform on line search webmaster early experience

it is understood that the 360 search on the line, and soon made China search engine more than 10% of the market share jumped to second, China search engine. Not long ago, 360 search open strategy, vertical search engine, access to high quality partners free application box, free certification website.

morning news that 360 search Webmaster Platform or on-line, enable two domain zhanzhang.so贵族宝贝. Morning visit the domain name, site and cannot access. Just by accident check, 360 search Webmaster Platform has access to, use the 360 account to log.





Author: Meihekou life network 贵族宝贝jlmhk贵族宝贝/ webmaster Old Tang, please indicate.

360 search Webmaster Platform currently only open a tool Sitemap. 360Sitemap did not like the love of Shanghai Sitemap that the invitation to take the system, free to add website webmaster.

as a webmaster, want the search engine to the public more, less commercial flavor. I hope the 360 search can really clean, safe and trusted, not love the old Shanghai. As expected 360 search better, also hope to love Shanghai experience of the user and the webmaster, do a substantial improvement.

website after successful verification, add Sitemap data, can be.Xml or.Txt file types.

need to add a site to verify the site, is also using the file verification and HTML label verification in two ways, the webmaster can choose according to their own needs to.