Ali pictures shift no competition with upstream contentCollect collate from the nternet to the mo

this also explains why the recent acquisition of Ali pictures of India’s second largest online movie ticket platform TicketNew, and not like the Amazon just staring at the line, such as Bollywood cooperation, cricket series theme homemade local people love to see. Perhaps the domestic Internet Co will converge in movies with Amazon dream on the road, but in the process to accept the market and users are more strict than previous considerations.

collects, reorganizes "from the Internet to the handset network WAP station to make money experience, an old stationmaster’s words"

2006 another alliance Mobile Alliance rise http://s.union.roboo. The alliance started with most of its owners by promoting its own search box. In stationmaster eyes is very good, search income is stable, it is free product again, still can satisfy user demand. 2007 to start advertising, to separate measurement for the station, station service is particularly good, basic does not deduct the amount, up to now I still do in the mobile alliance. Settlement is good, customer service is also very good, it is said that 08 or 09 years, they will have great League development action.

"Ali pictures will not compete with upstream content in the future." Right now, the Shanghai Film Festival, chairman and CEO Ali cultural entertainment group, director of the board of directors of Ali pictures and CEO Yu Yongfu, say a word at first glance, easily misleading words. Linked to its first main cast of the film "ferry man" depression, the outside question, Ali pictures in the future do not do the content,

initially MMC alliance and charm media technology developed the earliest WAP advertising alliance, access to a lot of advertising to the webmaster, but may be small, the settlement is very slow. Zhou Jie, customer service is also a lot, but communication is more difficult, very large amount of deduction. Appearance is doing very well, often to WAP Adsense mass advertising, but basic skills do not play well.

by the end of 07, another SP alliance was on the line. Earnings treasure SP advertising, I’ve done income treasure ads

has no accident. The film version of "Sansheng III ten li peach blossom", which has been on the hot spring of Youku, will be released in the summer of July. This is Ali pictures following the "ferry man" after another to prove their opportunities. Different from the "ferry man" star


later, more and more League, century, Empire, joined the WAP website League War Regiment, WAP Adsense have been divided up for them. I haven’t been to the centuries and the Empire yet. They used free self built station system to recruit a bunch of webmaster. But in word of mouth has been poor. Reputation and settlement efficiency are not comparable to some old ones.

Yu Yongfu in an interview with reporters on the afternoon of 18, explained that the content will continue to do, just do less and fine, do not expand, so it does not form a competitive relationship with content. He thought clearly, Ali pictures in the direction of technology and digital platform two aspects of film and television infrastructure companies. This is Ali pictures since its establishment, the most significant one turn, this is Ali’s genes, this is not good, can be finished class.

sheet single change

on the eve of the Shanghai Film Festival opening, as the Internet Movie rookie, originated from the game company, we established the blue harbor interactive only 14 months’ breath made contains 16 works of luxury single, including "shadow roaming" IP linkage project "the firmament of the sword" and "he don’t love network drama super hero". A single hair piece is generally traditional film company in the film festival show muscles practice, it seems to grope in the film and television for more than a year, with the blue network drama "me and you" get 1 billion 100 million light-years from the amount of playing pictures "finally on the road".

and then TATA alliance to join, do some SP advertising, but now the Internet users are also very smart, SP are their own brush. To tell you the truth, I also brush my own, that is, this brush, moving on the angry. Alliance is not good to do SP, from the consumer card, I bought hundreds of hundreds of sheets. Remember, cool slightly, a monthly income of more than 20 thousand. Well, now put the whole amount into free advertising, just more than 3000, and still use a pile of hot standing and 6 stations of the amount, the regular want to find a user also did not.

finally suffer, by early 2000, mobile phone network WAP station began to spread. I finally opened a WAP station of my own, and I did some ringtones download, 2 pieces of 1 pieces before, I used my own MP3 to convert to other formats, so WAP brought a lot of income. Previously, Joyes JOYES is pretty popular in mobile phone online. A lot of individual stationmaster is in this time begin his poineering journey. Each advertising alliance is to see this market, also joined in succession. The advertising alliance has developed quite rapidly. Now, I’d like to introduce the alliance I’ve worked with.

, but sometimes the sheets don’t stand for everything. The film festival last year, Ali pictures articles director Peter Chan released a 17 work piece, let the outside feel content about Internet Co. But this year’s Film Festival, it was quiet in the film unilaterally. Yu Yongfu admitted that some of the pieces on the film last year turned out to be "PPT".

blue pictures appeared to be cautious in the content, looks more like a learner. "If it wasn’t for the film festival, maybe these works weren’t public yet."." Blue harbour Interactive Group founder Wang Feng said, these works are the past years of accumulation, not seen a rash. He is an honest expression, not for others to do now boast blue pictures are good, but they are expected to encourage.

I began to do WEB station in 1999. I applied for 6 domain names at that time. I had my own independent server and made a personal forum. At that time, the Internet WEB ads are pop-up windows, and those malicious ads, it is not good to do.