Do you have a long term plan to make money onlineDon’t know ten recommendations to WEB entrepreneurs

most grassroots webmaster Wangzhuan contact with a speculative, because some people have an ulterior motive touted it as if it were raining flowers to make us think through the network, eyes closed can make money. But the experience of failure and blow several times after the discovery of his understanding of Wangzhuan only fur, we too impetuous that never had the essence of rational thinking. Wangzhuan is a job, a career, we need careful planning and analysis.

branding uses these tactics. In July, the activity was reduced by $500-1000,

2, difference: remember, many people are doing the same things as you, and one of them is shlf1314. In this market, only useful professionals bitung. You don’t have to be a leader. You can do the same things as others, like shlf1314. Name names and don’t use the common words, such as blogs, blogs, blogs, blogs, blogs, etc., so many people don’t know who they are.

most people do Wangzhuan only stay in technique level, many of my friends work every day sitting in front of a computer is repeated again and again the single work, went to bed until exhausted. However, any method has timeliness, and new things, know more people will gradually become rotten. I believe that many friends have encountered this situation, how to do it, everyone’s choice is to find new ways immediately. Fortunately, the lucky ones soon found better skills, and most of them stopped and started a long and confusing road. But even if we find a new way, it will be like before, there will always be a failure of the day. So repeatedly, though, may earn a lot of money, but this life is really what you want, is not the next few decades we have to do such a monotonous repetition of it,

has been a lot of friends do Wangzhuan is blind, like a headless flies everywhere hit. If you only want to work part-time to earn extra money, it actually does not matter, but many owners there is no stable job, they want to through the network to change their own destiny, even a career, these friends need to plan your future.

7, hunger: it’s better to have a choice than to have a choice. The best way is to have income. You should design a charging model for your product and begin to receive input within 6 months, so that you will have a market charge. What’s more, having income will also make you financing or collecting

There is an old saying: 1, and contraction: focusing on a possible problem as small as possible, and you were able to solve the problem. Don’t think of what to do, can chew, things became imitators. Small can become big, boat small good U-turn, small can bring you a lot of advantages, the gap market can become a big market. Don’t try to make 100 million Internet users your users. It doesn’t work. You can really solve part of the user’s needs. That’s enough for you to play.

China forearmed nopreparation, there is no scientific planning and preparation we are destined to become a fly without head, might have never eat dinner, but may never aimlessly as blind as a beetle, accomplish nothing. So how to do their own Wangzhuan career planning, I caishuxueqian, really not qualified to teach others, it does not use that in two words or three. But a lot of things have a common nature, analysis of their similarities, you can draw inferences from others, to get the true meaning. I remember that when I was in college, I took a required course, called "career planning for college students", which benefited me a lot. Wangzhuan is a job, a career. So I suggest you guys take more time to read books related to career planning, and believe in the ocean of these books

4 and critical: This applies to many aspects: service characteristics, employees, investors, partners, journalists, interviews, and more. If something feels wrong, just let it go. One of the most powerful strengths of shlf1314 is that they are willing to say no to opportunities, quick money, possible employees, and transactions. But many people are too busy, too afraid to miss this village did this shop, so often all will eventually regret.

for the Chinese Internet at this stage, the industry is still in the embryonic stage of development. While the majority of grassroots higher is nothing more than one of the loopholes in the use of earn meager reward, once the vulnerability is patched, many people are hungry for new opportunities, this uncertainty is the cause of all the impetuous confused. What is Wangzhuan, why do Wangzhuan, how to do Wangzhuan? These problems there are few really stop and think about.

6, the ego: a great product is always a craving for one’s own self. Create the products you need, become users of your own product, hire your product’s users, and improve it as you wish. On the other hand, avoid dealing with big companies in terms of fees, users, or potentially preventing you from improving your product. Because you’re small, they’re big, you can’t say no.


3, random: random network is greater than the deliberate network, because people still want to live. Create a service that adapts and helps people’s daily lives without asking for too many promises or changing their identities. Take it easy. Many times, the occasional need to make your service more valuable is like a casual conversation on Skype. Since life itself is random and casual, do not always try to limit users.

5, user centric: user experience is everything. Your entire company must be built on it. If you don’t know what a user centered design is, learn to hire someone you know. The right feature is right, far more than adding one hundred features. Ajax is designed to make websites more interactive, not because it’s sexy. API is designed to make it easier for developers to add value to users, not to please geek.