Sorry your efforts are worthlessnternet entrepreneurs are most likely to encounter two fatal logic

, don’t you think it would be a pity if you didn’t ask for the result once in your life and do your best to do one thing?

two, knowledge trap

to tell you the truth, your efforts are the same as those of the appendix. Even though you have an organ, you can change a fruit 7 If you sell it. In fact, it’s not worth the money. It’s a waste of money.

is like trying to be the first night, only once in a lifetime, for fear of using the wrong place. Trouble is overcautious and indecisive.

watched others minute hundreds of thousands of times the return, the line into the doings of ghosts and gods, in recent years also saw thousands of items, hit in the hands of money is also Jibaiqianwan, let alone the unicorn, unicorn quail have never seen.

recently, more and more anxiety, and not too hard to see the project, looking for the line of research, and cast a deficit, it is better not to vote.


you’re taking your efforts too seriously.


, am I really not suited for investment,

3, "there are already several local portals, and I’m going to start with home improvement. Should I have a chance?"

besides, do you think you can go to the top 500 without starting a business? Do you think the unicorn will come over and call Daddy if he doesn’t invest money?

error analysis:

2, the profit and development space of rational judgment opportunity.

if I move to another company, maybe I’ll be president in the top 500 now.


can not say that the opportunity is not important, but the opportunity to belong to you? Why should others seize this opportunity to lose to you? Do not run with gamblers mentality.


1, "buy is a good model, do you still have the chance?"

will I miss more,


4, "there isn’t a big talent website here yet, and the opportunities should be good,"

The key to

was it right to decide to start a business,

tea two small general see this message, will silently say "ha ha".

, as well as investors, have had similar Tucao:

a lot of people are like them. Once you’re going to try to do one thing, think about it

the problem can be summed up in one word, speculation. Remember a webmaster conference, a big brother standing on the platform, very sharp, said: "I see the audience is a pair of eyes full of desire."." One of the desire is human nature, can be said that more than 90% entrepreneurs in the business of the holy name to speculation. In fact, it’s normal, and there’s no need to avoid or disparage it.

if he had gone to an investment bank, maybe he was now a penguin at the North pole.


has the time to sort out the pros and cons, combed several business models, or brushed the number of BP.

the author of this paper is Ning Zhou, founder of

‘s Internet business is its mode of success. A way of thinking, a new solution that can be transformed into the real world through the internet. However, this magical feature, because the entrepreneur’s pursuit of profit has also brought many traps, two of which we can almost see the wrong logic, and people continue to step into it.

3, pay 10 times more effort than others, and stick to it.

once, in the strategic meeting of one company, a company in the total cattle X PPT demonstration said: the company in our field, with a comprehensive, high-quality, innovative features, all the big companies is better than that of the field. Look at those companies inside and outside the field, with a great reputation in the name, I was shocked.

1, will be "good at their own, suitable for themselves and like it" as a starting point to find opportunities.

and my friends of the same age are almost the same as my salary before starting a business. If I fail, can I go back to my life? Now I wonder about my choice every day.

often sees entrepreneurs talking about their own confusion:

excuse me, you think too much.


I before the annual salary of 300 thousand, do not have to worry about food and clothing. A few months ago, the resignation of entrepreneurship, and now the project is not smooth, I am also very tangled, afraid that once the failure of entrepreneurship, my efforts for so long have been wasted.


is that we must learn to circumvent or overcome the "opportunity trap"". You can use a formula to describe the relationship between opportunity and success:

opportunity + resource + ability + effort + luck = succeed

after dinner, X always drinks high



Abstract: will anyone really concerned about your failure? Maybe you are someone else two days after dinner conversation piece, but they soon forget. It’s not as serious as you think. In fact, no one cares what you want to do, what you do or what you fail, they will remember what you did.

one, opportunity trap

One of the characteristics of

2 and "O2O" is a good model, and I’m going to be a O2O site."