Wangzhuan road endless to do by Jian ZhijiThree misunderstandings of current Taobao guest website

This can be said that the Taobao

1: they are large, complete and miscellaneous Taobao guest websites,

In fact, Taobao

network marketing: up to now, there are a lot of friends still do not absolutely easy to match, this kind of network pseudo pyramid schemes, but also believe that they do at this time, the vast majority of people do not know that this is belongs to the type of MLM, MLM because there is always a way to explain their mlm. At present, the definition of network marketing is still relatively simple, that is, profit model, most of them are by pulling down the line to make money, and recharge software itself is not much money earned, the most to help you brush the shop reputation.

Dong Dao: This is not the West turned this year to do this, do that next year, as long as you master a, you have to earn. When you get excited mood at Taobao billboard off that closely the daily income of tens of thousands of expert, if you want to, in this data, is how many people how much effort in the implementation of the SP short message? Take the union, although the time has passed, but there are still people "

free training: this world there is no free lunch, free is often the most expensive, if one day you see a free training advertising, best not to go, because you are likely to be other marketing. Wangzhuan is not a formula, as long as the formula to you, what you will, if free training really useful, then you go to training at home to make money on the line. For many years, the understanding of the core shell net Wangzhuan is need not only creative technology, is the right way.

development! !

guest website is more like a service website, is a service to your web site purchase customers, you want to pass the function of the website to the customer to do a good guide, to provide a good reference to them, so the goods must be introduced in detail, in order to have a certain one, for example this product has been recognized by many users on the network, is not selling products, the quality of these products is not very good, the rate of complaints and so on information should be reflected in the Taobao guest website, but is now Taobao off many websites simply some of the goods into the column, and not the majority of customers to guide, what is the difference between this and the shop open? So Taobao guest webmaster is very familiar with your promotion of goods, must have basic professional knowledge Know, so that you can let users trust you, think you recommend very well, it is worth buying, so that can be considered qualified Taobao guest website!

expert guidance: everyone wants to have a master to guide, but in fact, willing to teach you, only want to marketing brainwashing your people, or is not strong, but have a warm heart of the people. The strength of the Wangzhuan veteran if not equivalent to the exchange, is absolutely not teach you, because they feel with the novice exchanges will only waste their time. The master is "two ears do not hear out of the window, only the research Wangzhuan", belongs to the dragon head see not the tail type, only to make money it low-key.

overnight: most of the new higher at the beginning in this circle, eager to make money to earn more money, so the most love those headline "opening day to earn 300, such as 10K" project tutorial to see. But he wanted to say, in fact, true Wangzhuan is not the case, although the lack of industry flourishes legend, but still follow the anxious not to eat hot tofu, More haste, less speed. this rule. The reward, which is too high, is like the moon in the water, visible and out of touch.

! Is very rapid

two: Taobao guest website does not provide very good service

now Taobao off site, because the site procedures and templates, make the appropriate changes it can become Taobao off site, but this site has a common, that is the site of a similar type, promotion commodity similar operation process is similar, even some directly use guest system the channel promotion, this website will form a more natural aesthetic fatigue in the eyes of customers, especially one of the sites in the user purchase without effective customer service service, they turned on the same type of website, if similar and the site’s Taobao passengers will be affected, which resulted in the Taobao guest website is very difficult to obtain the user’s approval, Taobao and many guest website goods inside is done with a Taobao like, what goods are, and these goods The quality of customer service and service are not guaranteed, so there is a problem sooner or later, so I suggest if you do Taobao off site should be professional, especially you are familiar with the industry, so as to have a good

three: Taobao guest website promotion is no standard < >

Wangzhuan is a very passionate industry, but the industry is definitely not like surface looks so simple, often is the most novice passion dazzled, eventually falling tears the next scene. Do Wangzhuan, not looking for money, only to find the direction of the Wangzhuan can, let you easily earn money. The shellfish Netcom had years of Internet experience put forward some common mistakes for all Wangzhuan Wangzhuan novice, hope that we can learn a lesson:

passenger years, many people have joined Taobao off the army, even before doing traffic webmasters have opened up the Taobao off the battlefield, this is because the Taobao customer system and money effect continues to expand to cause flow for Taobao customers now, but if you carefully to observe, in Taobao large army so many, not every Taobao – can easily profit, and profit are often persist for several years Taobao guest website, this is why? The author carefully observed the Taobao guest website is often a lack of distinctive features, promotion mode of chaos, a lot of Taobao guest website are long with a pair of faces, annoying! I give you three big misunderstanding to summarize the current Taobao guest website