Coursera co founder Wu Enda create limitless futureFinancing 3 billion Expose those who venture down

In his exclusive interview with


Wu Enda is no doubt a legend in Silicon Valley, and does not need a lot of labels to express it.

has dreamed of inventing a machine for thinking and learning like humans, and has gone through many frustrating and subversive insights, and finally touched the ideal light for many years 8 years ago. And then we all know the story.

, and the early financing of enterprises, has been impatient capital requirements IPO, earnings, in order to obtain returns. And listed means that there is a sound and reliable profit model, even if not listed, can not be endless burn, you must have self hematopoietic ability. As a result, some start-up companies began to cheat in order to continue financing.

means of false identity fraud, including education on television, boasting of product data fraud, is more fraud in financing, financing to attract the higher the next round, it is the "fool" feeling.


interest installments traced to take the split VIE subsidies counterfeit company cash balance

, where the capital increase of 1 billion, demolition of VIE funds 1 billion 700 million. After the VIE split, this 1 billion 700 million should go into an overseas investor account instead of staying in the company account. Therefore, questioned the interest in Ji Ji fraud, and the reason for fraud is undoubtedly aimed at investors speculation.

Since childhood,

, do not escape this series with the exclamation of experience: he is the world of artificial intelligence and deep learning of the luminary, is the founder of the shlf1314 brain, is the director of Stanford University’s Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, is also the founder of Coursera MOOC giant.


In early 2012, the birth of Coursera was a landmark event in online learning around the world

online education dream

in addition, in July 2016, interest installments announced that it had entered the Pre-IPO first round of financing 3 billion, but its split in December 2015, VIE financing has disappeared from the official website. Many media speculation, Pre-IPO first round of financing 3 billion, still Luo drying out of those 2 billion 700 million, but it is fried a cold rice.


. The founder of the birthday of Wu Enda, known as the leading online education tsunami Coursera officially launched, the Wu Enda machine learning lecture video as several courses were the earliest online, click rate instantly burst table. Coursera has also been named America’s best start-up company of 2012.

his wish is being realized through Coursera. Reporters learned that, not long ago, Coursera because of the expansion to more than 100 people and moved to a new home, and has 7 million 500 thousand registered users worldwide. Behind the geometric growth, students from around the world learned about 100> from this site


for the winter capital for a variety of reasons, the project is less and less, so the investment of natural capital is reduced; the first half in order to grab no technical content of Internet plus, and the second is the main technological innovation, industrial manufacturing Internet plus, which is good at to engage in short-term investment in venture capital is not their home court.


, Wu Enda told us passionately about his education: "I want all the people in the world to receive the best possible higher education at any time and place.". I wish that success is based on their courage, diligence and wisdom, not on family, status, or origin. I would like to see that everyone has equal opportunities to achieve good and value for themselves, his family, and his society through education."

according to the investment community website reported, from a "fun staging restructuring project data" shareholder report found that the original plan was removed after VIE, by way of mergers and acquisitions of listed companies and the company merged with second shareholders dayilong, bypassing the identity backdoor curve listed interest installments. But because the Commission was rejected such listed way lead to interesting staging by market failure dayilong.

and interest staged in the spin off after VIE, the media questioned the lack of money, profit hopeless. Funny period founder Luo Min is drying out a company account balance of 2 billion 772 million yuan. In the "interesting installment reorganization project shareholder reporting data" on the spin off VIE introduction, this 2 billion 700 million should be VIE framework split capital plus capital raising total amount.

2014 was an extraordinary year for Wu Enda. Not long ago, he completed one of the most important things in his life, and married his Chinese girlfriend from the same field in the United states. The sweet pictures of two people received countless blessings, and some even called it a "historic moment in the history of artificial intelligence"."

since the second half of 2015 so far, the venture capital market began cooling, Internet plus medical winter capital and O2O capital, APP capital of winter winter sports…….

But he never mentioned

the future of artificial intelligence which is limitless, whether Silicon Valley or any one of the world like Silicon Valley place identity argument. Data mining, depth learning, intelligent systems, and even the construction of the next generation of computers, any breakthroughs are designed in the human dream. Welcome to Wu Enda, is full of explosive miracle limitless future.