Rice God Allen Lin gamble Entrepreneurship more than 2 years the company valued 360 millionDesigner

half a year, black apple blog knows a lot of peers. Do web pages, do Taobao, do UI, do plane, do LOGO. Yes, the strength is really good, very design sense, very creative. Others may be able to complete the customer’s needs, can only say that is not ugly.

in the company cafeteria, Allen Lin showed us his Noodles with Soy Bean Paste eat, everyone will also follow it carefully. But a bowl of Noodles with Soy Bean Paste, but in the hands of Allen Lin to eat a lot of attention.




Grass root

July 14th, Mulan sinks into the company Allen Lin founded – "rice God", listening to Allen Lin’s entrepreneurial experience.

of food research, Allen Lin has as religious dedication, entrepreneurial after even more, he would rather for rice products raw materials all over the world, many countries, rather than compromise. "In food, I think that both the people who eat and the people who cook, both sides are a" God "mentality," rice Ye "name is such."

Allen Lin with a more than 20 year old artist DeYiShuangXin "to describe themselves, no scandal, had more than 100 songs, a dozen albums, a dozen times the Spring Festival gala. Now Allen Lin has been devoting himself to his own business, the successful transition to the business people, but when I hear this kind of words, he often say, "no no, I’m a sell sauce."


currently, "rice God" experienced three rounds of financing, angel wheel, A wheel and A+ round, of which A+ round of financing reached 83 million, the current valuation of 360 million yuan. Upcoming B round of financing.

I used to be afraid of two clients most often. One is called casual, the other is

a few days ago to see a cool article of a designer, a slight feeling, hit the nail on the head. Yes, I belong to his cock silk designer, not a graduate of the Academy of fine arts, not an art student, who doesn’t know the color scheme, the sense of design, or even the talent of design. I kind of people dare not enter the formal design company, or not dare, but simply can not enter. But in the design of this industry, laughing corner, do the design work.

"first scoop sauce, put some vinegar, then add a little celery, other do not put", "the mix and mix well, add bean sprouts, cabbage clip over, but to code on the side to eat, or vegetables and sauce together a water influence the aroma of butter……"

1970, Allen Lin was born in Beijing, since the age of 15, participated in the Hebei cultural and Art Troupe, and often go to the grassroots performance. In the regiment, he play multiple roles, playing the guitar, singing, dance, table loading unloading station.

sauce recipe is developed by Allen Lin himself, but did not make products. Because the noodles inside the pork in the oil bubble for a long time, the influence of taste; in addition to for a long time after the noodles, oil layers, the top layer of white lard is very beautiful. It is suggested that he do not use lard, he refused, "can not change, is Noodles with Soy Bean Paste with lard is best to eat; some people said they did not mind this, want to buy products made of formula from his hand, he still refused," unless I have the problem solved."

pig and rich handsome, can be said to three for pig line. Three or more, many of them are rich handsome, do a single is thousands or tens of thousands. The following three and three, basically are cheating customers, or second-hand three hands employed by outsourcing. This kind of cock silk, some very diligent, very diligent, also very good study. The original should be one thousand of the list, customers only 200, they are also very serious to do. I admire this kind of people, many of them may be out of livelihood, but also from the love of design, through small list to accumulate practical experience.

, but cock wire can counter attack, too. Before I know a netizen, called XX design studio, every day customers are facing pat and Taobao’s small and medium-sized sellers. I’ve seen the garbage in their studio, and strictly speaking, I thought he had only one thousand or two thousand of his income a month. But the fact is that it has turned ten times and does not include the salary he gives to others. Through the conversation that the secret of his success was in the message board many shops and sellers group bombarded with advertising, will find his customers in a continuous line. Finally, he became a small boss and invited two staff members.

Allen Lin’s debut as a singer, as a "love bird" burst of red, and later became involved in the host community, "daily diet", "Lin food shop" and other programs of the host, at the end of 2014 to start a business, in 2015 April, "rice Ye" brand officially established.

design cock wire survival platform, no doubt two, Taobao and pig eight quit. Many Taobao sellers don’t have the strength or the money to hire professional designers to decorate their stores and do promotional pictures. So they can only find cock wire. Their prices are very low. Sometimes, an advertising map, the minimum to 1 yuan a, but every month to get two thousand or three thousand income design cock wire is also very much. This is because of the large amount, today 50, tomorrow, 80, a month accumulated, also considered a good income. Of course, compared with the design of Gao Fu Shuai, this is simply not comparable. Just like the one I met a few days ago, I asked him to send some cases to me. He told me about the whole plan and design of such an international exhibition. I really want to say, if you are rich handsome, you don’t look for me. Is cock silk, then there is no need to blow those cattle forced.

, "this sauce finds out when he was young," he took a big gulp. He was content and a little complacent.