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would like to say a few things this week a short video of the fire, no more than 1 billion yuan in Wuhan Betta live set the scale of cultural and creative industries and the fund took the watch and buy a short video community.

play "beauty shoot short video +"

Internet enables the interactivity of information exchange to reach the maximum, while greatly reducing the cost of information exchange, and can meet the individual needs of each individual. Therefore, online Q & A this feature almost together with the Internet to develop together. Know from the "bounty mode" of sh419, to know the shell of CQA, applied to the working class for vertical segments of the quiz, then in the live should pay on line question turned out during the birth of P2P platform similar skills bank exchange skills class. Along the way, the knowledge sharing website has achieved periodic results in exploring the profit model and commercial transformation. Will the rise of pay ask for the benign inspiration from the media, big V and content entrepreneurs bring more convenient channels of realization or design profit models?



The development course of

bank is a skill exchange skills P2P platform on the platform, everyone can get through this virtual currency to teach others their currency to buy skills proficiency in a particular line, the skills of others, do not involve money. Online booking course is a P2P platform integrating knowledge sharing, skills selling and social interaction.

just from the media people who work hard in their public and groups of fans, channels and methods for content realized tossing and turning when a more "simply brutal" money "knowledge channel sales realization, come quietly. Nowadays become the topic of the "knowledge on live", "good" and "should" suddenly maxed circle of friends, users have lamented, only need to answer the question, you can make money lying at home "," this is the most direct presentation of knowledge economy ", even the playwright, network Reds the parrot Shi Hang also experienced personally paid questions, and lamented the night sleep, woke up and found himself sustained income growth, this way of life lay money, good suddenly. My question was eavesdropping on tens of thousands of people, do not know who they are, they just give me money."


Mito company’s products currently include Meitu Xiu Xiu, BeautyPlus beauty beauty camera, camera, self timer, Overseas Edition tide beauty camera, beauty shot, beauty map mobile phone and a series of software and hardware products. Among them, the United States has always been the most beautiful film behind dragging the project.

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and, in the past the air live now, facing the short video community + have more users to broadcast GIF quickly, and sitting on the second shot, a small coffee show, broadcast and other variety of popular video applications and micro-blog first do the godfather about science and technology, the United States took the basic volume is not worth mentioning.

ask how to pay? What is the model? It will change the Internet knowledge dissemination pattern or an experimental carnival? It will give people from the media to open up a new cash channel? Today we’re all about paying little quiz in the doorway.

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drag specialist beauty shot

but no Mito Mito company last year to earn money, a loss of 540 million 500 thousand yuan, the intelligent hardware mainly mobile phone profit of nearly 1 billion 500 million, with a loss of 540 million, amounting to 2 billion yuan of huge amounts of money to you? It is self-evident.


today announced that the United States took a "plan M", and also announced that the online watch and buy function, while supporting the short video and live, which is a short video platform first to support domestic watch and buy function, to ensure the viewing experience at the same time, bring a higher conversion rate and Master brand.

however, reading and entertainment found that the so-called "domestic first" to support "watching and buying" gimmicks and "no slip autumn" results, it is impossible to support the future of short video.

map of the latest results, made the greatest contribution to intelligent hardware beauties, 2016 revenue reached 1 billion 473 million 900 thousand yuan, accounted for 93.4% of total revenue in fact, the figure last year sold a total of nearly 750 thousand sets of mobile phone, but the number is less than one percent of the top three brands. It is obvious that Mito relies heavily on mobile phones.

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to answer this question, first of all, we need to understand the patterns of paid questions and answers. The day before the known CEO Zhou source in "knowledge on salt Club released new products almost know" knowledge on live "or live. The product is positioned as a real-time question and answer platform, and the master can create a live that will appear in the information flow of the followers. Users click and pay the fare set by the host, you can enter the communication group, the master and other users in the group began to question and answer communication. And shell nets in March 2015 13>

knowledge sharing website

"buy while watching" save short video,

home analysts believe core Mito company is Meitu Xiu Xiu and beauty beauty camera, camera, BeautyPlus and foreign customers just beauty camera enhanced version. And the beauty shoot is only a focal point of the beautiful picture at best". This in Mito’s earnings can also be calculated out, the United States in the United States in the embarrassing position of the company.

implement content realization in short video? There are three main ways to develop it now