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key strategy 1: Alliance

saw Qi Xiangdong, when he was chairman of the Qihoo network Zhou Hongyi is next door to the office layout work. After the gap and end of the interview, Zhou Hongyi occasionally came over to discuss the problem with Qi Xiangdong.

Internet era, a boom receded, not too long time of silence, a new round of Internet Storm, this time it broke out more potential subdivision of the area, each of which may be a profitable tipping point, who have the opportunity to become a true portrayal of the Internet domain. The idea is no longer so valuable, the important thing is the executive power, once the Internet veteran new forces, who stick to the most valuable model, who is the most powerful team, only wait for the final announcement. The Internet will change your life, and it may soon come true…

The concept of

The first half of the

portal, game, search, blog, how many profitable business models will be created in the Internet? The most accurate answer may be: countless, immeasurable.

venture company, $20 million to pay accounts, even also need competition, finally, Sequoia Capital, CDH investments and IDG win. But look at the Qihoo network background, and don’t feel what fresh.

I don’t want to say how their current Taobao customers do, today want their own Wangzhuan experience and share with you, of course, my experience is more useful for beginners. Many beginner entered Wangzhuan this line, do not know how to start, even for Wangzhuan utterly ignorant of revelation all the same, and are also beginning to Wangzhuan what all don’t understand, then are slowly groping, ask the higher predecessors well for out a little bit, here to share with you my personal Wangzhuan experience.

online business is a very tempting word, wind blowing, rain less, and working hours are free, these are the benefits of online start-ups to make money. After graduating from college, I have been in the temple of earth, when it comes to stall, not only to maintain a vigilant heart, is the urban guerrilla war, but also to pay some of the so-called "stall fee", half down, although earned some money, all money is hard, but mostly at night, not hard with that, then, in the process of Liantan, saw a primary school classmate, he told me that the shop is very money in Taobao, and Taobao as simple as a shop.

to take a look at the business firms that have got the money and look at their profit margins.

was originally set to 5000 Qihoo. Who knows, "should be gathered", up to one day to join there are seven hundred or eight hundred.

doesn’t know if the scene is like 3721 three years ago. At the time, Qi Xiangdong was converted to 3721 by the deputy director of the technical Bureau of the Xinhua news agency, and Zhou Hongyi was chairman and President of the company.

so much, one year I insist on online shopping on I want to make money online, many first experience people have similar experiences, in the past, may every successful Wangzhuan will experience this period of money to do Wangzhuan career, I don’t know what others are opinion or evaluation to me the past. Perhaps the simplest is to use: failure or success to define, but I did not turn back, life is always going on, I have no time to turn back, I do not want to turn back. I ask myself whether it is failure or success, please keep loving life and positive attitude towards life. I never deny my future life with the failures of the past.

The number of Community Alliance

community search, Qi Xiangdong was thought of as early as 3721 years before joining in 2003. At that time, Qi Xiangdong had a friend who wanted to buy a car and asked him which car was good. Qi asked the circle around, nobody knew. He ran to shlf1314 for search and no result. Later, Qi Xiangdong was recommended to a car about the BBS, he went up to see, and found that there is very popular, li >

himself in the students under the guidance of carefully trying to start a business trip on the Internet, unfortunately, Taobao store opened a few months, they are from the network No one shows any interest in, also saw a lot of the way to make money, because they do not understand the original promotion, so people don’t have to follow when mixed into a group, this group, what strange Wangzhuan have, the online part of a code, hook, customer service and so on, a few bits and pieces.

After the

, three years, they have experienced 3721 mergers and acquisitions by YAHOO, as well as YAHOO and Alibaba mergers and acquisitions. After a variety of repeated, Qi Xiangdong for the first time embarked on the road of entrepreneurship, this time or search.

, here comes the movement again." This is a senior investors on the market to the internet. This exciting factor can be seen everywhere, in the busy figure of VC, in the desire to start a business, about to start and have started the crowd.

we first talk about the higher way, there are many ways to make money online popular, for example, we watch the TV series.

, it’s like arranging permutations in math. The key is, can you think of anything you can do,

?It’s probably not a bad thing for

winner representative: Zhou Hongyi, chairman of Qihoo network CEO Qi Xiangdong

now I now mainly do Taobao, as Taobao customer how, here I do not say more, I just want to say why he is a guest of Taobao, his earliest Wangzhuan is in the Taobao shop, Taobao products have a certain understanding, two of their own practice designer more cheap purchase price sold this simple business model by heart, I was in the three similar online network navy to make money make me familiar with a lot of network promotion way, four I met several Taobao guest friends, they earn money to make people amazed……