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in the Internet business for 10 years, but I didn’t score any faction, experienced the joy of financing tens of millions of dollars, have tasted the taste of failure after penniless. It can be said that 10 years, I almost made mistakes, fell into countless pits.

can not stop internet censorship, angry people reported by the Twitter real time around the parade, " Iran", " down with Ahmadinejad" and " Iran election" a sudden rise in the Twitter list. Photos and images of the government’s crackdown on the people were spread all over the world via the Internet, and European and American countries began to denounce Iran after they heard the news. Iran’s president Jianshibumiao, had announced a recount of revolution to end. The Iran revolution, a large number of people through social media broadcast live, the Internet has played a key role. Therefore, the "green revolution" is also called the Twitter revolution".

mass calling for social media protests in Iran revolution


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I am not unfamiliar with these big VC in China, and even taking investment for me is a very easy thing. Before the three projects have VC come in, valuation, financing amount is very beautiful. But this project outcome is not satisfactory, the last time I was stuck in the Dun supplier company, it is my most painful and gloomy days.

in 2002, I was admitted to a university in Nanjing. By chance, I took the job of outsourcing SP technology, in fact, to set up a system to push the weather forecast information to the users. I earned twenty thousand dollars for this little job. But before closing, the other said to me: "you have to register the company, to remit to personal tax is too high, and the system needs to daily maintenance."

30 years old, 4 consecutive business, once worth 10 million, and defeated penniless. "What did I do wrong? What did I do?" he reflected. "

Hilary thinks a lot, but she doesn’t think anything like that will happen to herself. In 2016, billionaire Donald ·, Trump, grabbed the president by surprise with his tens of millions of fans. He has been "fighting hard" on Twitter for several years: releasing false information >!

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is as cool as, the Secretary of state in the war room, compared to President Hilary of the state of Iran. After condemning the government of Iran, Hilary became interested in the small application of Twitter. Anyone can sign up and anyone can send messages. Big to radio and television, small town people, everyone’s voice can emerge, the government can not manage. Several topic labels "" can provoke public anger, enthusiastic people took to the streets to overthrow the government. Perhaps the US government should use Twitter more, and it would be much easier to overthrow the hostile countries in the middle east.

Twitter was once the leader of digital media, Silicon Valley recognized a solid team of engineers at micro-blog in the domestic rise again today, micro-blog founder Twitter is getting worse, what happens behind this was what

first is the product of some animation, jokes and news, are basically students roughly edited, then you start to collect Ding bang bang. In 2003, I began to do stand-alone games on mobile phones, in fact, to change the game on the red and white machine, but >

turned 30, I started fourth business ventures. In the previous 10 years of entrepreneurial experience, I have done SP, mobile download tools and cosmetics electricity supplier. This time, what I did was to sell pawn products to the pawn shops and to help them drain the lenders online, so I named the pawnshop. This is somewhat similar to the current Internet banking, but we are not doing P2P, but the need for collateral loan business. At the beginning of 2013, the Amoy pawnshop was still in the preparatory stage, and I got the investment of LAN chi.

in 2009, when he was president of Iran Mahmoud ·, Ahmadinejad announced re-election victory, but the people of Iran do not buy it. Opposition leader Mousavi openly said the election fraud, a large number of people immediately took to the streets, wearing a symbol of opposition green color demonstrations. After the outbreak of the green revolution, the new president, Ahmadinejad, realized the situation was wrong. For the first time, information control was carried out to expel foreign media and prevent any news from flowing out of Iran.

In an interview with

· Hilary, then Secretary of state, sat in the blue walls of the military room, listening to a briefing by senior defense advisers on the Iran issue. When she heard the news, there was a smile on the face of one of the most powerful women in the United States: "Iran is revolution again.".

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oral | scouring pawnshops founder Wang

later, because of various reasons, the other side transferred the project to me. I applied for a SP license, and in the first month it was three hundred thousand yuan. Monternet partnership, I got the qualification. In this way, I stepped into the SP, the company called "day soft.".

I’m trying to comeback. But there are so many experiences that it is hard to be doubted. I don’t mind anyone doubting me. I don’t make any achievements. I suspect I’m normal. But I don’t doubt myself, the team doesn’t doubt me, my investors don’t doubt me, and the people I trust don’t doubt me, that’s enough. Phoenix Nirvana, you have the feeling.