Rookie webmaster Wangzhuan and understanding of SEO

I am a rookie, but also webmaster, so I’m a rookie webmaster


site of the purpose is to earn two money, not hypocrisy, all with the RMB country of faith in the current materialistic reality, can we still have what sublime ideal


site can make money, this is nonsense. Website how to make money, are learning… Not just do a web site can earn RMB, combined with a rookie webmaster understanding, there are the following:

1, you have to have a website first,

2, determine who your audience is in your website,

3 provides your users with what they want,

achieve the above three points, you will have a preliminary work on the website makes money, of course, is not the end, you’re just starting the marathon begins, more challenges lie ahead, to know that the Internet is a vast ocean, there are many sites on-line every day, what the user will be able to find your site in


so here we are going to talk about SEO knowledge, which is called seo. China’s biggest search engine is Baidu,

so, how do we line up in Baidu’s home page, is some cock silk webmaster every day dream. How can I row to the home page of Baidu? As a rookie, I simply sum up

1, first of all, you have to be included in the Baidu, not how can you qualify to participate in the competition


2, Baidu hopes to include original, valuable content, so we can satisfy the aunt’s hobby as much as possible

3, content is king, the chain is emperor. Although Baidu is now hitting the garbage chain, but not all of the chain effect is not high quality, the chain effect is also very good, the above is done, you can do Baidu home, although some are general, as a rookie I also forgive me in learning, and after a lot of exchange, learn to do a local portal network in Yiyang, welcome advice, exchange. Thank you,

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