n the face of adversity the stationmaster has no choice but to persist

saw an article today: itbulu: stationmaster is a job without sense of security. With a sentence in the text to describe the vast majority of the station is now in place, it is very appropriate: "do standing more and more chilling.". The fear of policies, fear of hackers, fear Baidu left, right before the fear, afraid of the villain, scared loopholes." I think almost every webmaster has more or less encountered a variety of problems. Do station content afraid of violation of policy, bold playing edge ball, but also all day long fear. Finally, the website is rich in content, and beware of hacker attacks. Hard to be included in the Baidu, but also worry about, don’t know which day it again put your stand to K. Baidu does not stand K, but also beware of being cheated villain. No space is not the problem, IDC’s not bad, from time to time a Zaibao website vulnerabilities, webmaster is really living in misery.

and webmaster is often very passive, do SEO, depends on the search engine’s face. You do no good, the search engine not to face is no good; do website promotion, do not place no effect, do too much, whether it is the Forum promotion, QQ group promotion, there may be people as advertising traders cause rejection. Even the line promotion, the momentum out, people will think you’re what unscrupulous profiteers, swindler; to make the site of normal operations, but also for the record registration, the record is not you want to prepare it, sometimes your website content and mode of operation to normal, healthy, it is difficult to prepare to choose a safety case; the stability of the IDC business, they found that the "original people run away incident happens every day. Buy a link or domain name, liar also too much, if there is no such as A5 Adsense Trading Forum such security intermediary, almost dare not separate trading. The initiative is not a lot of things in the hands of the owners hands, the Internet market, the national policy, the search engine algorithm, IDC’s service quality, which is the head of the day, only the "heaven", a bad year, ranging from lower income, while the site shut down no meal.

indeed, the webmaster is living in such a disadvantageous environment. Standing is a hard work, cruel environment, some people have a lot of misunderstanding of the webmaster. Think stationmaster makes a lot of money, think stationmaster is cheater all the time, think stationmaster is rubbish station, the pronoun of bad website. In fact, most of the webmaster want to do some work through their own efforts to do some business, not to ask how much to do, just to profit, can be small, some achievements. However, the reality is cruel, and sometimes it is not oneself want to do garbage station, want to cheat, want to brush flow, but reality forced. So let outsiders have a lot of misunderstanding, they also have grievances. Then, the reality is that there is no point in complaining, complaining is wrong. Adsense nets admin5.com satisfied that environmental change not only to change ourselves, courage in adversity, to overcome the difficulty in environment, keep on keeping on is the only method of stationmaster heaven dragon trapped.

Phoenix is also called "immortal bird". Phoenix Nirvana means Phoenix is strong