How do traditional enterprises effectively seize the commanding heights of nternet marketing from s

in China users has exceeded 400 million mark, Chinese also have become the world’s largest number of Internet users in the country. Industry figures predict that the number of Internet users in China will double to 800 million in the next 5 years, and that the number of Chinese Internet users will probably hold half of the world’s Internet users. Thus, the popularity of Internet development in Chinese have shown a trend that get out of hand, provide the most solid foundation for the rapid development of the Internet industry, in a short period of ten years has created a number of Internet giant companies, let China Internet companies became the brightest star nasdaq.

, as a traditional enterprise, there are more and more enterprises begin to take the Internet as an important platform for their product marketing, and achieved good marketing results. Of course, there are many companies do not pay enough attention to Internet marketing, the traditional channel to achieve the enterprise’s sales target case, has yet to proceed to network marketing into the enterprise’s strategic development plan. Of course, there are many reasons, which is very important is the lack of specialized personnel in the Internet business, and not willing to expand the cost of human resources, the consequences or give up the Internet open, cheap marketing platform, it is to outsource this, all to the others control and their to pay high fees.

is the traditional enterprise how to effectively seize the commanding heights of the start empty-handed Internet marketing, I combined in the work experience and experience to write these words, I hope it can play a role, can help just relates to the Internet marketing of traditional business thinking.

, now a corporate website has been very popular, with the decrease of the construction cost, the enterprise seems to have become essential, but most of them are in the idle state, has not been out of its proper value of mining enterprises. Here, I take the enterprise website as the first step to open Internet marketing: first of all, the enterprise website needs to consider the important role that it will play in the Internet marketing before construction.

first of all, the website page design does not need how luxurious, but the atmosphere must be concise, because it is a business on the Internet this big platform facade, usually give visitors leave the first impression of the enterprise. Content and function need to be arranged and customized according to your own needs.


website set up, many enterprises think the site is basically Everything will be fine., only occasionally be careless with, as a way to show the corporate image for customers. In fact it is not, the site built the equivalent of our brochure from the printing plant printed after the move back to the company, usually do not consider how to make the enterprise more potential customers to get the company’s color, and we have to solve is how to put the site this form of flexible and convenient color page on this platform on the Internet to make more people see, improve the site in the search engine exposure, this is now more and more enterprises begin to pay attention to SEO, a corporate website.