Tencent QQ Westward Journey opened a treasure box provoking controversy CF should be more alert

recently, Tencent news about illegal opening of treasure box, after the exposure of DoNews, caused widespread media hot debate.

News Digest:

"QQ Westward Journey" in March 3rd, the first day of the beta, there has been "beta Memorial treasure chest" activities. Due to the activities of the chest does not bind, random drawing too large golden chance. The Tencent immediately blocked nearly more than 50 thousand player accounts, and only prompted the maintenance announcement without giving any explanation to the player.

Compared to

and CF, "QQ’s journey to the west" is just cloud

today to talk about something that QQ journey, we all know that CF and Cross Fire draw than other games, what open chest ah what are plated stars pale into insignificance by comparison.

we all know that since the "journey" game since the real money game is actually free games, free games take full advantage of the weakness of human nature, the game player vanity, through additional value-added services to increase revenue (such as drilling, open chest etc.).

some time ago I did market research and found that in most of China’s Internet cafes, especially in some of the two or three lines of Internet cafes inside, CF through the FireWire, this game occupies a dominant position. Through the trial, we understand that the game is so popular, the main reason is that people move quickly and aim and shoot blow are filled with fast rhythm FPS games, and the integration of the senior game cs some advantages, rich game content, opened a variety of game modes, and excellent game for the game hot guarantee.

as far as I know, the current biochemical models (including the Savior model) are most popular in all CF models. The rules of the game are: after the game starts, zombies are randomly generated according to their proportion in the room. When the number of rooms was below 10, zombies were 1, 11 at 2, and 3 at 21. In the course of the game, it is possible that friends who are fighting side by side become zombies. The goal of the zombie model is simple. Zombies turn all humans into zombies. Humans kill all zombies or live to the end in a fixed amount of time.

added to the zombie shooting game, which is very innovative, but not the first Tencent, the first Tencent rarely a pattern or a service, others are generally some services were successful or preliminary results, the Tencent immediately called the original and then start to occupy the market in a short period of time, to seize the user the group, then grab huge profits.

people who have played with CF know that just out of zombies have more than five thousand of their blood. It’s a very difficult thing to kill with a free gun provided by an ordinary system. At this point, the more powerful and precise items will be on the stage. Of course, these items will be charged. As a result, countless players are frantically investing in real money, buying virtual props, and most notably Tencent