What personal knowledge and ability should a personal station master possess

personal webmaster need to have knowledge, can be said to be a complete knowledge framework. And because of this special point of the webmaster, the ability to master is also a lot of very miscellaneous. Remember the 37 network previously wrote a "personal webmaster also needs to understand the point you’d better be a generalist" that is also very clear, not only let you focus on solving the industry analysis, network operations and marketing plan, which is in the right circumstances, pay attention to some technical problems. Because since it is a personal webmaster, you can not have so many connections, resources and funds, you need to understand yourself, is "ask for help rather than yourself", not a little common sense of the problem on the sky to ask people. So, personal webmaster in the whole knowledge frame, individual think technology is indispensable, so personal webmaster should have what knowledge and ability?

has a little knowledge and ability to build

doesn’t seem to have much to say about it. If not to spend money to buy the site formed words, how much should know some knowledge such as domain name, website, FTP, CMS, template, Taiwan, before and after image processing; even the construction site do not understand, then for the whole process of the establishment of the concept of knowledge should be understood. In the early stage of the website construction, we need to involve a lot of knowledge about fragmentary and detailed information. Once we don’t take care of it, we may have trouble in the later stage of operation.

, a little knowledge of website code,

this is a lot of people do not agree with the point that do not need to understand the code, you can do a good webmaster. 37, the network does not think it requires proficiency, but in the face of code common sense problems, not confused. For example, HTML, ASP, PHP, ASPX, Access, Mssql, Mysql, web layout (div+CSS or table) what is different, how to use div and CSS, why is JS, CMS tags have what use, even in the operation of basic operations such as add, and statistical code link code etc..

has the knowledge and ability of website optimization and promotion

now SEO more and more popular and flooding today, do not understand website optimization, a little bit do not understand, website operation. The value of the website is to make people understand and identify and be willing to consume. So, with the website, you need to learn to optimize and every little bit of promotion. SEO is a learning, network promotion should pay attention to ability, skills, but also pay attention to perseverance, patience.

has the ability to write and write

, the flesh and blood of a web site should be the content of this site. And most web content is in the form of text. Material collation, article editing, original writing, soft text promotion, and even reprint comments, need a certain text skills. Therefore, it is essential to have a certain degree of copywriting ability. By the way, if your site is collected, do you probably need to write a document when you’re writing a web site proposal and business negotiation?