Personal management of local talent website summary of several experiences

wrote an article in front of his "personal business experience of local talent website summed up", then now put their small successful experience and then share with you, but these are after we do the article before I write the work dare to do. After the website has accumulated a large number of job applicants and business members (906 of our enterprise members, 7223 of them are at present). Try to do some offline activities. Don’t let the enterprise or individual feel that the website is just doing something virtual, and there is no real thing. Break the change of people for network awareness, especially our backward areas, the network awareness is not strong, let them for money is difficult, can only be combined with offline activities so that they see the real thing. In this way, what they see is not only a practical and meaningful activity, but also a greater trust in you. In this regard, in their minds quietly set up a brand, looking for work on the talent network, recruitment of talent network. Because they not only feel that the Internet can find a job, online talent network is also able to organize activities of the group, is no longer a separate network platform. Okay, well, what have we done activities? In the morning of March 6th we held a large local public recruitment. If there are plans to do the recruitment of colleagues friends, you can refer to our approach.

1, to hold a job fair, first of all, there are venues, venues, attention should be paid to fire, sanitation, spacious, open air is also ok. The rent must be pretty high. We can’t afford it. I don’t know. Hei hei, but we do so, we have a large local enterprises, companies, they are about 5 kilometers from the city, this group of companies, there are very large shopping malls and squares. But there is no popularity, after all, far from the urban areas, popularity is relatively poor. We found the company and talk to them, we said that we intend to come here to hold a large-scale public employment recruitment meeting, when the arrival of the people will certainly be a lot, you can bring your company a certain popularity. If you cooperate well, the interval will be held here, your company only need to provide venues and tables and chairs, as well as arrangements for parking, both on the OK. Add that the company subordinate to real estate, furniture, stones, flowers, jewelry mall. They also want to control him, there is no deal, as long as the popularity of anything to say, you might as well try, and anyway, do not put in. Hey, so we got the court and the tables and chairs very successfully. And they are responsible for parking arrangements, order maintenance, fire (although there will not be any fire, but also have to consider everything), the participants of the company’s seat licensing, balloon arch atmosphere.


site, now the rest is propaganda, we do the work of the two, first, 18 days in advance in the online advertising and recruitment online registration and entry, and the local website, forum, Baidu Post Bar issued information on top (these would have been working with local stations have long good relationship.) second, just three friends working in our local newspaper, ask them to eat a meal. They use soft text news