Grassroots webmaster Success Road the nternet is the four major inflection point


grassroots webmaster more and more difficult, a lot of people have such feeling, so in the end is what led to the grassroots webmaster road becomes more and more difficult? From the point of view of the development trend of the Internet, find what has hindered the grassroots development of the road, up to several months in study of the author, found the four largest Internet trend following up webmaster


one: the traditional profit model competition hot white, has been difficult to break through


HAO123 surprised when we wonder, among a lot of grassroots webmaster flocked to a new profit model, now from the navigation station Internet marketing everywhere, every time when the new profit model, there will be many imitators, finally put the profit model do do bad in the past, the navigation station, now the group purchase station also encountered the same difficulties, visible in the fierce competition, led to a profit dilution, coupled with the traditional large portal to enter the industry, will further erode the profit space for the grassroots, grassroots webmaster for further development of space has been very little, failed to become the final destination

grassroots webmaster!

two: Internet Matthew effect is too obvious, grassroots webmaster can only become a prince to read the role of

Internet business good website will become better and better, and poor business website will become more and more poor, which reflects the Matthew effect is obvious, the new site for the operation of the grassroots, often in the extrusion operation better site is very difficult to obtain good growth space, in addition to the need to succeed a lot of capital investment, also need to identify the industry, but for now the industry increasingly fierce competition today, most of the new site can only be used with Prince reading role! Do as long as they adhere to be successful, and now rely solely on the website, insist on is not enough, also need to continue to increase capital investment in addition, continuous innovation, can be successful


three: industry policy constraints too much, grassroots webmaster face pressure on policy

is now the Internet industry policy appeared a lot of inflection point, such as the domain name registration audit, and website space record and so on, often need to have the qualification to be able to register the domain name, and will be able to record, for the grassroots webmaster, more and more people did not feel the policy support, but they have found more constraints, so many grassroots Adsense to site space abroad, had to replace the domain name of the website, which has brought great harm to the development of the website, the website to know every move, every domain reorientation will have a significant impact on the website optimization so grassroots webmaster has been! Can not the destiny in their own hands, they will be overthrown!

four: follow the trend of a common problem, such as large websites, the entire Internet lack of innovative mechanisms