Discussion on the rapid development of web directory station

search for "URL directory" this word will get a lot of results, indicating that the site directory station development has considerable scale. There is a reason why the website directory station is so popular, combined with the experience of submitting the web site to the directory station, about the rapid growth of the current directory station.

one, the rapid growth of the number of sites for web directory station provides the premise for the development of growth.

Chinese has 4 million sites, about 3000000 of them standing, regardless of what purpose from money or interest or establish the unique Chinese web directory is the inevitable development of the Internet, as owners increase the birth of A5, Jay Chou Chinese popular songs.

two, make a directory station, save trouble.

directory station function is very simple, that is your site, the audience is single, mainly is the webmaster, generally speaking, the directory station PR, ranking up, to submit url of the person is very much, as a webmaster only need to review under the premise is good, the quality of their going to.

three, directory station benefits.

when a directory station has formed a certain reputation, its benefits are reflected. The sale of advertising, fees included sites, and so on to make a web site recommendation, etc., this is its main profit model, but it also has additional benefits. For example, built a QQ group, pull in the site to submit, the way to sell what sell the host, more important is the webmaster also made a lot of friends, usually can dispel loneliness do stand.

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