Highlight long webmaster daily work necessary ten records

at present, the basic situation in the webmaster industry is everyone on their own, the so-called "personal webmaster" to a large extent shows the survival of this group of state: independent, individual, there is no team. In this case, the daily work of the organization is very important, however, for the huge website project, what we need to do is too much, there will be a lot of negligence, saying good forget it, to do the work of the record is particularly important, it can make the webmaster the work is more practical, specific and systematic, improve the work efficiency maximization. Here are ten necessary entries for the Webmaster:

1, host domain name records

is the site of the host name, many times to buy virtual host server, and the domain name is not the same company, especially on the site more webmaster, may these space and domain name from many different places, if not to record, server once the problem may not be able to find the corresponding the company’s customer service in the shortest period of time. Or the domain name will soon expire, because no record, a result of inadvertent domain name expired, too late to regret. IDC account, FTP account, server account, domain name ownership and expiration time, etc., these links should be detailed into a document, at a glance.

2, advertising League information and revenue record

advertising account generally will have a lot, it is more important for each Union payment time are not the same, the form of payment is not the same, but also need to do some operations, such as Western Union withdrawals Google, Taobao Alipay customer withdrawals and so on, these accounts, address, payment time, monthly income must clearly record, do yourself exactly how much money is very clear.

3, long tail keywords,

long tail keyword recording sheet is the SEO profession big brother, only teacher’s invention, now has popularized to the entire SEO profession. It is the main keywords and long tail keywords daily optimization and the corresponding URL record, so when you need to do the anchor text, it is easy to find the corresponding path within the shortest time, improve the efficiency of the anchor text, but generally not missing. Especially when you’ve accumulated a lot of keywords, it’s hard to know what the key path is.

4, link record

link records, mainly to record the website, who is the website, what is the contact, when the link is made. If you have a cross link, you should also detail what the cross site is. This seems systematic, when you find a link on the site when there is an abnormal situation, you can promptly contact the corresponding webmaster, to make recommendations, and whether to delete links to communicate, make specific arrangements.

5, included in the amount and keywords ranking records

no matter how many nets are in hand