Live camera filing system is not just personal Adsense pain

speaking of "on-site photography" filing system, ninety-nine percent of the webmaster will oppose, this policy is almost no feasibility, and very inhumane. See once criticized the live camera system in many articles, in a recent article "who hindered the university network poineering road" is to "field pictures" irony, let the reader reading for fun. Whether for personal Adsense, or for all IDC operators, or managers, on-site camera system is not ideal.

scene photos, for personal Adsense, time-consuming, effort, money, a lot of people have discussed before, here no longer details. Some owners said, why IDC operators do not oppose this policy, do not speak for the webmaster here want to come, IDC operators in all provinces is no right to speak, the policy down, no IDC company dare not perform. If the policy really strictly enforced, the webmaster had to give up far away, so that IDC will inevitably drain many customers; and, once the acquisition of information for the record is not true, there are problems, IDC company can not escape accountability. Rational thinking, the real implementation of "live photos", for the IDC operators, is also a huge loss. It wasn’t IDC’s fault at the spot camera system.

we can’t verify who is the initiator of the "scene photo", but what policy may be enforced under the compulsion. The two day to hear the "National University BBS forum said hearsay may be re integration, unified management of the situation is unknown, for each university, BBS students to explore the exchange network platform, if the integration of unified management, how to listen is not a taste. It feels right, but for some departments, strengthen the public opinion supervision, purify the network platform is very important. If the University BBS unified management, and strengthen personal website supervision and real name system construction, it seems not far away. For any Internet users, we all hope to have a harmonious network environment, but the implementation of personal sites on-site camera system is only temporary solution, can not play any practical role. Not so hard, but also what is launching a campaign to harass the people and waste money, the significance of


in the Admin5 forum every Thursday afternoon at 3-4 in May 27th will be invited to the topic version, the IDC operator on behalf of the "discussion" photos "website for the record", attracted a lot of attention of webmaster. Whether personal Adsense or the IDC operator, only by the implementation of the object, even a master said, "the discussion of this topic, the point is not that people understand that it belongs to the bullshit", although the roots can not stop the implementation of the policy, but the grassroots voice cry out, and as efficiently as possible to some people’s ears, is likely to change from passive to active, will it be possible to change the status quo. Perhaps the discussion will not play any practical role, but at least strive to fight for its legitimate rights and interests. The Thursday edition chat activity, let’s take a look at what the provinces have already begun to live pictures, which are still on the sidelines.