nstead of turning your blog around Qian Shu you can make it

recent internet information can be both old and new faces of Qi Bengfa, WeChat also has the market value of micro-blog charges a commonplace talk of an old scholar, all can be said to be lower than expected, from staff is really bad. Moreover, in these seemingly fierce review articles, I also found a friend who sang "independent blog", called "sunset industry", and advised you not to be settled. To see this, I did not refute, as did the independent blog I know, now want to rely on independent money blogging is simply prohibitively difficult, unless you have a brand or brand of SEO traffic, as Lu Songsong, a power on SEO even more, but for a newcomer, basically both are not accounted for, which is new simply can not wait for that day to make money.

may say a little absolute, because there are still some expert on marketing made flow within the industry, and earned a lot of money, but in the cry everywhere independent blog circles, all of this are only sporadic embellishment, the whole decadent is the main melody. Because there are so many challenges for independent bloggers.

The rise of

1 is micro-blog, WeChat and other new media, which belongs to the independent blog users begin to turn to the information flow rate control, greater public platform, which is obviously short board independent blog.

2 now everyone for cultural values have changed, and the "way" to write two thousand words, rather than words to the sharp, caused a greater response, because now people love to see what love does not curry favour by claptrap, "a long and minute statement".

3 profit model is really very simple, in addition to advertising and related industries into sales, I really can not think of the third means of profit, perhaps you will say to write text, but such a hurt the user experience, you can often do


may see this, you will say that my comments and discussion before the division a virtue, in bad mouthing the independent blog, I think you may misunderstand me, because these are the independent blog real living situation, did know that I was telling the truth, but I want to say even cry everywhere, even if a large number of users and webmasters loss, independent blog community still has a chance of development. Since it’s like a lot of shuffling in the industry before, the current independent blog is also experiencing a change of pain, shifting from a confused writing theme to a vertical or directional writing form. For example, a mobile phone can give you life information, while Lu Songsong will teach you how to do. I believe that the future will be this kind of website, and the blog which is tasteless to the users will be abandoned by the industry, because they can not provide the excellent content that the blog should give.

later, an independent blog webmaster will gradually straighten out their own blog for views, from the beginning of the month to earn tens of thousands of our heart writing, the reader is responsible for change, and this is the largest independent brand blog operation lasting support. Because blogs aren’t like other websites