Cheng Luyao nternet Marketing Promotion Forum promotion

last share of the forum about the promotion of the entry point, the following I simply share some of the promotion in the forum to promote their own skills. I believe that many people who do BBS promotion will encounter the following series of questions:

1: Forum promotion administrator account is banned

how to do?

2: when doing BBS promotion, IP is blocked by administrator, how to do?


3: do BBS promotion, to promote the website URL, domain name by the administrator tampering or banned, how to do?


4: do BBS promotion, there is no effect, how to do?


for these questions, I answer them,

1: Forum promotion encounter this kind of situation is very common, a banned big deal to re apply for an account, the account can use the account password consistent way (some forum if not allowed, you only need to add a 1 in the password on the line, so I do promotion forum password mode is two. 1: the account password has been; 2: 1 more than the account password, convenient memory, save operation time) I finally again, if you do after a period of time you must BBS promotion for each forum have a general impression, according to sources of Statistics website traffic, each the forum should also have some effect, but also continue to gag forum no effect does not need to spend too much time on it, this time to search some new forum to be wise.

2:IP banned it, can use a proxy IP mode conversion of the individual when browsing the IP, the specific operation is as follows: through Baidu search agent IP, find the IP address of the proxy effectively, and then through the "tools -INERNET options – connection – LAN settings – tick settings – fill in the proxy proxy server for IP address" the use of LAN, and then in the "tools – proxy server selected using IE proxy settings, and then attempt to access the banned IP website, can login after the proxy IP change the address of the machine on the line, now you all banned IP forum can be opened (Note: do not use the banned IP account login, if IP also blocked IP), applying for a new account is


to solve this problem, I also summarize emphasize: I generally do not often use a proxy IP IP banned the release, unless there are 100-150 a forum of 600 forum were banned before I use this method, because of all your account before the forum was recorded after the use of this method will disappear, that is all the forum to re-enter the account, in fact is very troublesome.

3: the URL of the domain name has been tampered with or blocked, can use URL encryption methods, if the 16 hexadecimal encryption code do not know a friend, I recommend the "webmaster tools – -URL encryption code conversion" and then you enter the domain through code conversion.