The 8 billion 500 million Lending Club the younger generation left some enlightenment to P2P

last night, the domestic media will be the focus on IPO look on mobile social software Mo side, in fact, unfamiliar street and IPO P2P platform Lending Club, has been far beyond the unfamiliar street several times or in the first day of listing. Its IPO price of $15, the first day of listing rose as high as 56%, to close at $23.43, trading volume of nearly 45 million shares, the market capitalization of $8 billion 500 million.

Lending Club is the first P2P company to apply for industry qualification, and it is the first listed P2P company. Lending Club co-founder, founder of financial networks Su Haide (Soul Htite) on the occasion of the media interview, believes that an Internet banking company in IPO must complete such a few steps:

first, could the company make a system, and then VC looked at the company and said, "Oh, I can understand their business models."."

second, can the company attract a very high quality management team to manage the company?.

third, can the company attract VC to invest in the company?.

fourth, that’s regulation.

"but it would be too late to monitor the matter and it would be too late to think about it in fourth stages, so the question of oversight should be considered in the first step."."

Su Haide also published an article on

, called Lending Club listed to bring at least four enlightenments to the development of the domestic P2P industry. The following is the main content of this article:

revelation 1: P2P is one of the most promising forms of Internet banking

Lending Club listing, and even it may become the top ten IPO Internet history in the United States, which in itself is one of the best proof: P2P is one of the most promising forms of Internet banking.

, but the reason why P2P is the most promising, is not just the successful listing of Lending Club. From Lending Club, in order to continue the implementation of the company’s strategic decisions, the past 7 years have been successful financing many times.

so far, Lending Club has successfully completed 5 billion U.S. dollars of lending, although the figure looks great, but in fact, compared with the volume of business banks, is still very insignificant.

Lending Club now has only 2 products: a loan and SME loans. In terms of Lending Club’s flagship product, the overall market volume is 850 billion, but Lending Club accounts for only 5 billion of that.

so imagine how big the future of Lending Club is. And so, L>