Small investors how to do investment work

small investors should be careful in choosing a project, because for them, high investment risk would probably lose all venture fund, how to choose to far more than their own projects? What should be done before starting a business? If you want to know that, learn it.

A, to choose their own projects

should be chosen with their professional experience and interest, I have hanging hook project. As the saying goes: "gehangrugeshan". That’s the truth!

The market prospect of

three, from reality, not Tandaqiuquan

four, to try to choose a large potential for development of


select items not to others, as some of the most popular pick the most profitable industry, without any assessment, a head in. You know, these industries tend to be saturated market, even if there is a little space, profit is not as big as the early.

five, to carefully study and scientific choice

to obtain information to improve the analysis, not through field investigation and the existing users understand operations, do not easily invest. One to the local business administration and other departments to understand the situation, two depends on the maturity of the project, whether or not the equipment, the service situation.

must not be the first to pay service, must not believe in each other’s promises in the contract should be completed, in order to prevent the other party to the contract to bring their own losses; seek wealth can not. The more attractive the project, the greater the risk.

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