New station GG an hour included baidu3 days included effective method

1, google:


station was Google included the slowest one hour method is actually very simple, here there should be a lot of people use, but is also estimated to have a lot of people still do not know, here must teach the new trick, one hundred percent effective. Fanchon I don’t know if you still need now, not used to go online to check on OK, here I recommend that you use every day more ", this is not AD ah, because every network PR value is high, Google spider crawling period is less than 1 hours. So our way is to put your link on the network every day waiting in the Google spider to grab. As for how to put up is very simple, every day to feed a registered account, an article and collection site for personal network, your site will be automatically in every group, and a half hours to go to Google site on your site, look at it, be included. I used this method for a long time, I just did yesterday’s blog: to GG you to see, although not the top-level domain but now almost every article I website are included. After the collection must adhere to update your site every day, so that your site will be of great help.

2, baidu

Baidu included new station is a very cumbersome, very troublesome thing, but there are ways, the method is also very simple. But do more. First of all, you have to write a software, your soft text, respectively, released to the webmaster, behind the station, Adsense station, and your new sites released to these web spiders area, these stand in Baidu weight is very high. And then you go to Baidu know to answer the question, not to AD, but hard to answer every question, and here we must note that you answer to your site and type of roughly the same, such as your computer’s website, then you know to Baidu in the computer problem areas to answer questions answer their questions, in the "reference" place on your web site, so that the basic completion of the preliminary work included, when answering questions don’t answer too much, lest you are recognized by Baidu in the promotion, if you answer to be adopted is better. Finally is simply do, each new station must do work is friendship links. You’ll check at Baidu in 3 days. Your new station has been included.

declared here: this method I have been using, but absolutely can not guarantee the effectiveness, after all, search engine algorithms are constantly changing. Only hope to bring you more and more methods and reference. QQ:191999644