What’s the meaning of the original content

now more and more emphasis on originality, but the original cost, manpower and material resources are relatively large, it depends on the original content of the meaning of how much,


in the second half of 2008 Baidu to "duplicate content filtering is better than the original strictly, because this is a search engine in order to please his users (that is, every one of us ordinary people), because we don’t want the emergence of a large number of different sites is the same content when the search keyword.

look at the original content of the search engine meaning,

long ago, people used to collect ways to enrich the content of the site, and now Baidu’s acquisition of the station is increasing the intensity of the crackdown. And for the original content of the web site, search engine is very important, and will soon included, and ranking will be very good. My friends and I had made a bet, look at the original content is more important, most of my station is collected, some simply changed the title of the article, and friends to write original articles, to tell the truth in the beginning, my website and traffic has been ahead, because I the website is rich in content, but now it’s not like that, my station Baidu rarely included, and the drop, and the friend’s station is on the upgrade. Thus,

look at what the original content means to the user,

is the most important content of our website is to show, so we cater to our user habits, in the content of imagine, you may modify the title in a timely manner, but users see the content on your site is the N several times to see, then you say, he has great inclination read on? How can have high conversion rate? And, in time to meet the user’s preferences, we also need to write some attractive articles to attract our users, but also increase the rate of the second visit to


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