Water autumn pool on single page copy to apply to marketing ADMA rule

Single page

LVSHOU success inspired a large number of webmaster do a single page of confidence, many webmaster friends started their own single page of the road, but they have technology in the face of a single page copy, but began to worry, autumn water pool is a planning division, but a lot of contact single page copy, there is a AIDMA marketing theory: pay attention to interest desirememory – – – – action, consumption is a process to produce a consumer behavior through the process of. Today, the "water autumn pool" on the single page copy of the marketing AIDMA rules used to share with you a single page writing experience.

note (Attention)

general single page will begin with some very exciting sentences, either loud advertising slogans, or exaggerated statements such as "do not see, will regret forever". No matter how exciting it may be, it is only one purpose. That is to draw attention. People’s attention to the title is 5 times of that of the text, and the success or failure of the slogan and the beginning is related to the success of the whole single page copy. If it does not attract the attention of the consumer, it can not be exposed to the product or service, and does not touch the product or service, let alone the latter. Marketing is very careful about this, and single page copywriting has also applied to this aspect.


in the upper right corner of the "Yaotiao slimming health out" pointed out the two characteristics of the product, while the four sentences below: "toxins" fat burning fast "fast" and "weight change fast" "concave fast" simply points out that the diet pills four selling points. This is the characteristic of all single page, will begin in the place, the characteristic of the product and selling point point out.

interest (Interest)

first step in place, not on behalf of consumers interested in you, if only pay attention to it, maybe he just laughed, if not interested in you and your product is not a final action. In the single page copywriting aspect, pays attention to this point very much. In this section, in general, and consumers closer to the consumer’s emotional resonance, tell consumers that you know him well. Since consumers are concerned about your products, there must be more or less demand, and the purpose of our interest is to expand the demand. By arousing the resonance of consumption, the purpose of arousing their interest is achieved, thus paving the way for the buying behavior behind.



this part is mainly through some of the audience’s common features to write, in order to arouse consumer sympathy. "After losing weight vulnerable" feature list are fat and skinny fat people normally face, so very easy to resonate, and some way to lose weight.