Online logging sites follow the footsteps of the blog model

online accounting site, and then follow the blog model,


online accounting or bookkeeping online is the first launch of the concept of 05 years in China, foreign is also slowly in early 06 launch of the online network of accounting, although Chinese puts forward the concept of online billing relatively early, but slower than abroad. From 05 to 08 years, the network model of online bookkeeping has been developing for more than 3 years, but it has not developed. Why,


said the online journal, have to say the blog, because both have many similarities, the blog mode is to write a diary of traditional people’s habits of using Internet tools to achieve, enrich the contents of the diary, greatly facilitate the people. The same is the traditional online accounting bookkeeping habits of people to achieve, through the network tool through the network, make the accounting mode diversification, and convenient, can also automatically generate analysis report, and automated billing and other functions.

The rise of blog

far earlier than online journal, 06 years, 07 years is Chinese blog’s hot, but today? Blog hot up, but there has been no profit, no profit that can have greater development and breakthroughs, now many people are struggling to consider the network blog profit and innovation.

As a new

network model, although there is a certain value for the needs of the members, but how much this value? Whether must value, whether there are alternatives to this value? Whether can let members Amoy money to pay? These are not known. Therefore, the emerging network model can cause certain market reflection and people’s eyeballs, but it is not sure whether there is a broad space for development.

online bookkeeping is a new network model, which has been developing very slowly in China, and has made breakthroughs in the past 07 years, mainly because of soaring prices in china. Many people think that the lack of money, so they thought of accounting, take Chinese largest online billing platform money online billing network, is currently the best China, the best online billing platform, whether it is more from the perspective of function or technical considerations, but still have not a penny of income, still struggling adhere to, and before there is a network of online accounting do very well, but because it does not adhere to and shut down, I think with the passage of time, more online networks account because it could not find a good profit model and closed at the same time, there are more people in this field.

then why does online billing network follow the blog without profit?

1. The value requirement of online accounting network is dispensable, if there is no online accounting website, users can still account, you can use the notebook, you can also use ECEXL to remember. Therefore, it is difficult to have the value potential of paying.

2. The needs of the online accounting network foster the market. For those who prefer to keep accounts, online accounting is much better than other accounting tools, but currently in China, they prefer to keep accounts or remember