The new site deliberately optimized to bring painful lessons

Some time ago the

swine flu prevalence index is watched every day to soar, the highest as thirty thousand or forty thousand, related to the domain name has been registered by a space, I have a COM domain name, no use, so I want to pull out a so-called dumpster experiment, to see whether the number of points the so-called swine flu flow. Just do it, under the reform program template on such a website like some, and then go to Post Bar, and several spider is hot place to stay for a few links, basically put the website no longer say, occasionally see related news just a copy, such as a three days, two three days past the site is not included, seeing the index fell to more than 30000 from about ten thousand, haven’t included plans to give up the attempt, Baidu was on the fifteenth day was put out, a look at the ranking is also good, nearly twenty thousand of the index to tenth.

I’m not going to say that. I’m sure everyone should think it’s a very satisfactory result. The updated several pseudo original, a link to the station, the second day is Tuesday, according to the ranking, at this time may be wrong, I can start to ZhengZhan optimized, first on the top of the site can add a section including all key words very quickly, although he that is smooth and natural. The article also added that such a statement, in order to increase keyword exposure, then in the near source pages and articles can add website keyword links and web site (, the second day in the morning to see results, the key word dropped by two, but he did not care too much, personally think that is a new station down two should be normal.

do not know, I think the bad luck is slowly approaching, they are completely unknown, and I immediately find a single friends a few, even all the forum signature into the new words, but also in the index to find a new zhuliugan index is more than 1000, the feeling is new the degree of competition should be very small, in order to make their own maximum optimization, I am still in the title is not a natural plus and place the keyword ZhengZhan deliberately added "zhuliugan" the letters. The original Thursday update ranking will rise until there is a small range, most want to see what happened at site in the morning, not updated snapshot, not included within the page, check the keyword, two hundred pages are no trace of this swine flu term ended in failure.


keyword ranking disappeared has many kinds of factors, may be artificial, perhaps…. there are all uncertain factors, but I have to deliberately optimize this several times to as is the main reason for the disappearance of ZhengZhan keywords. It is easy for me to understand the reason why haste makes waste. Website optimization is a long-term process, new sites do not deliberately optimized, it will only backfire, not only can not get the promotion on the rankings, may also let themselves