Witkey website how to move forward in embarrassment


Took a Witkey website

last month, saying the Witkey website two years the market influence and visibility OK, then the thinking of this wave to make a fortune, who soon took over two months, registered members of less than 200, the number of bidding task is not ideal, then look at the number of trading industry old pig, really sigh is not good to do now really Witkey website.

, in fact, the gorgeous data does not represent the current development predicament of Witkey website. Any webmaster who has done Witkey website knows that the Witkey website is facing two transformations at present:

A task type from simple into professional, encourage more well-known enterprises to come to release the task

B will enhance the Witkey service quality, individual bulk consolidation model for the studio, to improve the competitiveness of the brand

WitkeyThis two

transformation may seem simple, but in fact with the development bottleneck too much, for example, is behind the surge in the number of registered Witkey Witkey’s quality under the low barriers to entry, after all, certainly no way to guarantee the quality of service, the task of rampant cheating, a lot of friends in order to make distributed task cheap, often in his manuscript with vest after submission, selected as the winning manuscript, what reward is back and so on, adverse events like so greatly hurt the enthusiasm of Witkey, and sum up, now the Witkey operation has the following five aspects of the obstacles.

first, the relatively low level of Witkey, most are in the top post, the task of irrigation and other simple operations, brand design, planning for writing the ability to complete the high-level task, influence the brand

to a certain extent, Witkey

second, the reward is lower than the market price is too much, greatly hurt Witkey’s enthusiasm for submission

third, Witkey groups for college students, scattered industry personnel, the staff involved mostly because of Wangzhuan curiosity, the stick intensity is not long, in other words, the true number of long time online services rarely

fourth, brand influence is not enough, and some entities are not willing to spend money to publish this task, always feel not reliable

fifth, some well-known service providers because of Witkey platform deductions and other restrictions, have fled a separate portal, the Witkey website is a loss is a kind of competition

summed up the current development situation, Witkey website is not very good, even the pig pioneer website showing the number of registered users decreased, but this does not mean that there is no Witkey website development, in fact, from the reform of the pig’s website we may get a partial answer.

set up different kinds of tasks such as pattern match mode, both to ensure the interests of service providers, also let the main quest to find a suitable service provider in the shortest time, achieve the win-win purpose.