Site planning how to pinpoint the theme of the website

          a good website, a real concern by users and popular website, not only beautiful, magnificent pages, it is more important to have an accurate theme, so that users can get or understand what he wanted on your website, he would often come to this website, the accumulation of popularity for the web site. Users are traffic, traffic is the site’s blood, with the blood, the site will survive long. The simple truth is like the students to write a composition, some students around a central theme to describe the whole sequence of events with a very simple language, and some students are to describe the same things with very gorgeous words, the results of gorgeous and not get high marks, because of his composition to the people the feeling is in the stack is to show off their gorgeous words and vocabulary are not really in the description of this thing. Therefore, we must highlight the theme of the site, not too much of the pursuit of beautiful and gorgeous pages, we should pay attention to content. Look at the websites that have been successful, and their pages are fairly simple and popular. Intuitive to the user feel good, if the page is too dazzling, but will allow users to flow away. Then, how should we pinpoint the theme of website in the early stage of website planning? Let’s take a look at what can be done to analyze.

        1. from the site of the business model for the analysis of