Talking about SNS development let your SNS have superhuman pulse

SNS everyone knows, SNS, full name Social Networking Services, that is, social network services, 08 years hot suddenly hot up, like a night pear open, ten million SNS fire up. came into being. From the initial BBS to later blog, the current SNS is a trend.’s original idea is to bring together people with similar interests. But how attractive, it is worth exploring. The Sns community by the thousands on thousands of survival of the fittest, and real success in just a few, how to make their own SNS with contacts, I talk about their own views, my own words, not the right place please criticism.

1, as the saying goes, a monk chanting, learning from foreign monks is also a good way to improve their own. The reason why Facebook gathered so many people, this really links people together. Copy of the most successful now is happy, and is copy of the most modest. Learn from each other’s strengths and truly learn what others are good at. I think the success of replication lies in the following: viral mail transmission; parking spaces plug-in applications; invite registration. The viral mail, to invite friends, can not resist, will take 2 minutes to a registration, registration after the discovery of games to grab parking spaces, perhaps suddenly stuck, games need points, invite friends can earn points, feel good will invite more friends to play games, study, concerned friends the accumulation of wealth. Invite registered practice is a good advertising, Professor of psychology at the Harvard University, Stanley Milgram (1933 ~ 1984) six degrees of separation theory says: "between you and any stranger interval not be more than six people, that is to say, most through the six people you can know any stranger." When people really want to help you with your promotion, your SNS is successful.

2 copy to copy its own characteristics, now open most of the SNS, is a Facebook face, it is a Facebook, if you do not have the attractive thing, why should people stay here in your


3, to have good positioning, choose their own crowd. Open university network, a very fiery face, the real university students gathered together. Open the page, there is a section of Jay Chou’s words, very suitable for students taste. One of the reasons why college students fire is a psychological test plug-in, according to university student web site. 5Gsns positioning to IT people, and now the number is also increased exponentially, and successfully put the idea of looking for work into the SNS into it. 8DSNS is positioned in the designer, 8D space, and expanded in the 3D space, such as 2D thinking, to think.

4, which refers to Facebook’s Friends, for, sale, and Parking War>