Xiaoding choose the five episode of the domain name


when we are in the construction site of the first step is to select the host and domain name, the domain name and the choice of a good person is the same name, although not the decisive factor to the website, but the appropriate choice is certainly beneficial to the website. Well, now Xiaobian teach you how to choose a good domain name.

1. Domain name is short and easy to remember

The basic point of choosing a domain name for

is to be short and easy to remember, so you can remember the effect of the domain name when you see the domain name. For example China Unicom and China Mobile web site, if the choice of name words in general, it is difficult to be remembered, so China Unicom and mobile would consider it, directly to the number 10010 and 10086 choice, is a digital short, two digital is easy to remember. So, what are the options for domain names,


1, all digital domain names, this domain name can achieve very good memory effect, for example, Chinese users often use the number 8, 6

2, all Chinese pinyin or simplified domain name, this domain name is also favored by everyone, and it can also achieve a good memory, because Chinese people are familiar with pinyin. For example, gourmet’s domain name meishij.net, which is made up of Chinese brands and abbreviations.

3 takes short English as domain name, which is less used in reality, but not without. For example, the value of Chinese domain name chinavalue, it uses this way to make people remember it.

, 4, and more than three mixed use between. This method is also recommended by the majority of people to try, because this combination of domain name is not only short and easy to remember, and this number tends to infinity, it is difficult to repeat.

two, the use of domain hyphen

sometimes, when an enterprise or an individual wants to register a domain name, it is found that the domain name has been registered. How can we do that? Then we can consider adding the word """ to the domain name. -". For example: li-ght.cn, this domain name can give the user a clear feeling, avoid a large number of domain name together bored. But this use hyphens to be cautious, if used too much, but there is an opposite effect, add too many hyphens in the domain, the search engine will think it is a waste site, thereby reducing the credibility of the site.

three, the domain name contains keywords

This is

to distinguish between Chinese station and English station, if English station, you can consider joining the keywords in the domain, if in accordance with the Google pretreatment principle, the forward maximum matching will be matched to a keyword domain in the same site, for example, included and the chain, if keywords a website contains the user to search. "