90 students please leave a stand for your life

first self introduction, I am a 90 after the webmaster, is still on the high school, so, just use the usual rest time to do the station. I also know a lot of friends who are standing here, but most of them are not just one station. Two to three sites webmaster many, and there are many webmaster is dedicated to do garbage station for the industry, two hundred or three hundred are not unusual. Just need to collect, you can say a few minutes, there is a station. But what do we mean by doing this? Maybe it’s just to make money. I agree with this statement, do station, and ultimately on the road to make money, because to do the station to spend money, support station is an income. But making garbage stations is not a long way out. At least, in the long journey of life, should make a stand for your


good, not limited to a number of IP station, but a heart of


is like I’ve done TXT novels, test papers and many other forums. What I am most thankful for is a youth literature website I have done later, which is called "novel box". It has given me a lot of valuable experience. And here, too, I want to share it with you.

one. Website

first of all, we should definitely make the direction of the station, but we should pay attention to the following points.

avoid positioning too big

has a lot of people do stand, is, I want to be a literary game station, station. However, this classification, the target is too large, make your site lose their characteristics, become a camp information. So, we must refine the classification, like my position, is a literary novel – Youth campus. Usually, at least three levels of classification, which will make your plate more compact and crowd more refined. After that, when the number of people, you can consider adding appropriate peripheral plate, and gradually expand.

approximately investigate similar websites

proposed here, standing position, personal hobby is on the one hand, the main or similar forum competitive positioning refinement forum, and a general understanding of this forum has similar prospects, the number of the forum.

station name + domain name

I have seen a lot of stationmaster, the station name, get in disorderly fashion meters, and later changed, but did not find the right station domain name. Using net.cn, org.cn, and the like. In fact, the name of the station should be noted that there should be in line with the popular domain name. Cn, com, for example, is more common and easy to remember. First of all, the name of the station, it is best to have its own unique title". That is, don’t be popular, make sure you remove other presentation phrases, others can search your Baidu. Like my station. Called "Girl Novel box", then as long as the search novel box, you can find my station. In this way, even if the user forgot the domain name, you can also find the site. After that is the domain name, in the name of the time to consider the future domain name registration. For example, use novelbox.c>