Lift the lid to her centered website analysis a

notes: This is not a web analysis problem, not even the "on-line" "line", it is a business problem.


from the beginning of contact with the website analysis, now, more and more people feel "human" as the core of the importance of website analysis. There is no statutory definition, I explain to myself is "through various channels (website analysis and non website technology) collected about your site visitors (Visitor) information about their demographic characteristics (demographics) analysis and research and behavior characteristics, and to analyze and optimize the marketing channel based on visitors understand the way of communication and website content". So here, the analysis of Human Centered Web sites is not exactly the same as the so-called user-centric. It has even exceeded the scope of web analytics and extended to CRM and business analytics.

we know, site analysis there are two main methods, user-centric and site-centric; Web site analysis and we usually said is mainly refers to site-centric, that is to track content (such as websites, applications, advertising media) as the core, such as analysis of traffic sources, click stream (click stream), the relevant data the content of viscosity. In the analysis of this kind of website visitors, although as a "dimension" (dimension) to deal with, but if you count all the sites you know the analysis tools report, you will find that this dimension is seriously neglected, in addition to several technical indicators such as chicken ribs outside, it gradually degenerated A is not as reliable as "number of unique visitors index (Metric).

this is a terminal in front of us sitting in the Internet, through the method of simple or advanced processing site analysis data, make all kinds of ugly or magnificent tables and graphics, draw all kinds of people and dancing or conclusions, but did not care to another terminal in front is looking at your website is actually Garfield or lightning dog. Indeed, this is the whole industry and technology, legal environment problems; however, if you cannot resist an arranged marriage, in the night from the head kiss is your fault.

perhaps our site analysts are dismissive, but in the brothers industry, another site analysis technology has long been widely used. This is the user-centric method used in the online media buying field and in the audience analysis of media sites. Compared with Site-centric, User-centric has two main benefits, one is the provision of competitive intelligence (Competitive Intelligence), and this is beyond the scope of this article