Content is king website development content is the key

, the vitality of a website is reflected in content, the content of the website is the foundation that decides website development. A content rich website, not only helps to be included in the search engine, but also to retain loyal visitors. Therefore, content is the top priority of the website.

home network in enriching the content of the site, has its own unique way. In the home network CEO President Zhang Fuxin under the guidance of the content of the site to increase efforts to improve the overall image of the site, to enhance the site traffic, but also for the site to retain a large number of repeat customers.

first of all, to strengthen the role of editing, sorting, sorting, sorting. The content of the home network from collection to release, have strict requirements. Because Home Furnishing in many columns, there are often many columns under sub section, therefore, according to the division principle, arrange different editors, collect and publish the contents of each section is responsible for all the. Content to meet the requirements of the column, every day there must be new content, to focus on the recommended content, with unique content.


enhances the interactive features and enhances the readability of content. To strengthen the interaction of some columns, in the form of interviews, interviews with the person in charge of some well-known enterprises such Home Furnishing, not only will let visitors interested in more in-depth understanding of the enterprise and related products, but also enable enterprises to enhance the visibility of Home Furnishing network, can complement each other, the three party benefit.

highlight hot content, deepen product experience. For some hot products, Home Furnishing network will be on the front page topic to be recommended, these topics are of concern because of the high rate of malnutrition illustrated content is the key to attract visitors. Many visitors are holding an attitude to understand the product, opening these articles, often through reading, these products have been interested, increased potential customers.

because of the richer content, making home from the search engine to bring a lot of traffic, there are many customers to search engines, search related products, when introduced to find the home network. A content site is an important factor in attracting search engines. And the customer’s dependence on search engines, directly for home network brings non access traffic.

visitors through the search engine keyword input, we can clearly see that many of them are not looking for a product or service, is not looking for Home Furnishing network, the input is often related to words and their products in the use of products or content, that is to say, users are more concerned with the direct help to them the content, rather than a certain brand, a certain website.

therefore, Zhang always lets us look at the content of the website from the user’s point of view, the website is for the user’s service, and the user’s online search for products or services habits is a very worthy of study phenomenon. Only from the user’s point of view, visitors to experience the home network, will find deficiencies, and then improve the quality of web content.

home network, of course, is based on sales products, through practice, for customers