How to break through the bottleneck of website operation

The operation of

website has always been the topic of discussion for Chinese webmaster, and there has been no suitable way to realize how to break through the bottleneck. The author as a personal webmaster has been thinking about this problem, a number of ideas to share, we share.

in 2007, CN domain name to 1 yuan, the price of China’s rapid web site ranks first in the world, which also created a large number of garbage sites. The SEO is popular today, more web sites are beginning to pay attention to the search engine, but because the CN domain name to promote the use of a large number, search engine search rule has not changed today, what is the website to search engines, or content? Or is the aggregation of


I will explain the author’s observation from the aspects of search engine, content and aggregation.

1: search engine


search engine to search the content of their needs and rooted in each netizen heart, even with the Foreign Affairs (mainly in the concept of content based English) do not understand ask Google. (the concept of Chinese content mainly) decided not to ask Baidu, Google, Baidu, will be able to stay at home, everyone else, this search engine, on the population of Internet users and website owners have focused search engine, trying to put up your web site keywords, keyword search engine attention, directly affect the operation effect and the flow rate of the site are obtained. And thus spawned the application of SEO technology. However, the search engine can only be used as a means of propaganda, Internet users through keywords in your site, how to make them produce more browsing and how to improve the rate of return, it is not able to solve the search engine. As the old saying goes, the master takes the door and practices the individual. Search engine optimization only as a technical application, basically can not solve the development of the website itself need, also is the site even obtained in much traffic, from a certain angle, simply cannot be converted into effective application of resources, more often known as garbage flow, not to the site a substantial resource conversion rate.

2: content is king

The concept of

content generation, is accompanied by the development of the network to grow together, 10 years, this view has many sites or idea, after all, web presence is inevitable, in the certain conditions, there must be substantial content to support the development of the website, a no content the site is without a soul body, even if one of the key words in how clever, can make the site have vitality. Content is the foundation of the site, is the foundation, floor, from the ground floor, are to have basic support. Content is a foundation of the web site. But the choice of content and the promotion of the editorial function of the content are technical. In today’s increasingly important intellectual property rights, the content of the website access channels and selection, you need each site >