About watercress reading fantasy commercial shackles is the community temperament



Just a few days ago bought

Amazon recommended reading website, yesterday there was news that the European and American mainstream publishers have opposed the deal, think it will make in the field of book sales status can not shake the amazon.

I don’t think it’s a joke on April Fool’s day. And Goodreads’s model is not difficult to think of a domestic and its very similar website – watercress. The two sites are shared in reading and recommended books, even since the sale of e-book platform, but the social Goodreads could be stronger, while the platform attribute bean is more obvious, the scope is more extensive. Goodreads is more like watercress reading and watercress reading combination.

Goodreads allows Amazon since this will inevitably make a tiger with wings added, the future prospects of some of the famous book "Dreams".

watercress reading "beautiful say"


this is an era of intense competition flow entrance, electricity supplier shopping guide website endless, before the beautiful said, mogujie.com, and watercress is actually a natural book shopping guide platform. Many people buy books before a major step is to open watercress, to see the above score, and even book reviews, to determine whether this book does not meet their own tastes, whether it is worth buying.

accumulated books evaluation data so huge, if watercress do not book the shopping guide, really some Bo Tim Tin Mat.

in fact about this aspect to watercress is not every one of the books on the right side of the page there is a home appliance business book, watercress textbook orders is to provide more comprehensive service parity, but also nothing. I want to be more cautious watercress for the maintenance of the platform itself has always been considered the temperament, watercress are small fresh, the flow line, if you really like some of the evaluation sites, in the Amazon, followed by a Jingdong or a link, and inevitably some stench.

but in looking for commercial watercress today, if holding such rich resources score watercress, and if a supplier to do the depth of cooperation, but also is a good way to commercialization.

mining because the reader’s taste, recommended books match up, not only can bring more sales, more viscous to produce a user. Invisible, the user’s platform transfer costs increased, from one electricity supplier to another electricity supplier need to re accumulate data, which is not what users like to see. Just like watercress and Lenovo to watercress two, "watercress read" into "watercress sell books."".

above said so many watercress and Book electricity supplier cooperation advantage, I think many people should have and I similar idea, watercress simply sell their books. In fact, reading watercress is a good thing