Less than January the consequences of more than 5000P traffic

When I look carefully, and found that more than 5000IP is actually a keyword brought, ha ha, here is not confidential, and this keyword is related to Naruto, search a lot of people. Because at that time I just know a little about SEO, even if want more optimization of several popular words, not soon exceeded 10 thousand IP? I just revel in the joy of soaring IP, Baidu it suddenly from head to foot I poured a bucket of cold water – 5000IP lasted only 2 days, third days fell to the hundred, fourth stems directly to my crispy rice to K, then I do not know what is going on, because no cheating, although some optimization is in the normal range, how can Baidu said K K, former Baidu K K that just heard this, who knows today personally encountered, it is depressed for weeks, just know later, this should be the unspoken rule – the new Baidu + flow too much =K.