99% of the webmaster can’t write soft you really will

SEO is the most basic one must be able to write soft, do you really know? In fact, see a lot of contributors to the soft, but only for reprint chain only, I do not know you do what effect, but you can do better, more style and representative so, today show 90 show editing on the fly with you, take you to see what is not the same as the soft writing style.

first: Title

This thing is actually a

title. In fact I feel a commonplace talk of an old scholar, wrote an article, I may spend half an hour or an hour for the title, I always will take ten minutes or more, take a minute to think a good title is not a good title, the so-called "title party" is also the title of data support. Here are a few main points:

1, explosion point

what is your title explosion point, the so-called explosion point is the bright spot, people look at the title, is willing to click on, see, not immediately turned off. The so-called explosion point is your website roughly content range, take show 90 do comparison. This is a beautiful live video website, then the content definition is generally around the entertainment, entertainment surrounding with the above hook, as can be imagined is beauty, beauty is divided into many kinds, this website user groups is male, then the definition of beauty comes out. The definition of beauty is out, the next step is to consider what is the beauty of the surrounding beauty surrounding, considering? That is how to find entertainment highlights, highlights, entertainment, entertainment, the NetEase Sohu Baidu ranking are material, you look to see these sites a red that the title is what. Find five standard red title, do comparative analysis, you can see they have a common, it is a title about a person, this person is so hot today, search engines can guide consumption properties, search engines rely on what money, what drives consumption, there is one of these a layout, layout.

, go back to the topic, pop up, you should find it. This headline is your headline, but not all of it. Do the reverse of the title, such as NetEase today headline: "the United States media attention Huang Xiaoming said: who is the wedding billions of dollars Baby Angelababy has been continuously occupied the front page of NetEase for two weeks, this is certainly not an accident?. This is speculation, interest chain speculation, including search engines, including the interests of speculation, big conspiracy theory, first of all, the wedding, is in the self proved clean plastic surgery, at present is a magazine, nowhere marketing. The wedding wedding sponsors, a cosmetic hospital, magazine magazine, not to say, but say.

explosion point summary: first you need to find a hot, hot search engine is the title, to locate the website content, according to the key contents of the article, you want to search engine throwing bait, bring it to your interests, and friendly attention is high, this is the title.

second: content

first, let’s look at the following section