Discussion on the construction and operation of personal shopping network

is now more and more online Amoy Amoy things, shopping sites is beyond count, but how many people can make a record of talent shows itself, and how many people lose everything!


to myself engaged in a few years of online shop experience, personal online shop want to develop, in fact, is not very difficult, do the following work, because of the development of the online shop will help:

1, shop name: the atmosphere, sounds will produce a sense of trust in the name of. Don’t play a small family’s name, although you are a personal shopping network, but you have to show a big company feel.


shop: Shop template template must do the atmosphere, beautiful, to reflect a sense of strength, credit, because many Amoy impossible for you to understand how many stores, only from the surface of the things to look at, do very important point is one of the key points of the individual shop.

, 3 varieties of products: Sales of products is not too much, to specialize in one aspect, and the products are cheaper, after all you do just one shopping network, not the strength of large-scale shopping network, you don’t have the power to compete with others, there is no need to compete with them, they eat big fish eat small fish, we can make a lot of money. Is the only way to blaze a new trail in this way.

4, do a good job of pre-sales and after-sales service: a good shopping network is also reflected in customer service. It’s hard to retain customers without good service.

The optimization and promotion of

5 site: these two aspects are very important, but also determine whether you will be able to blaze a trail of the most key points. Online shopping network is now more than you count in a few days, countless, how to let customers find you, so as to spend, this is the most important. New stationmaster can go to relevant stationmaster net to study. The ancients said well, "if a worker wants to do something good, he must first use his weapon and his weapon without you. How can you compete with others?". Of course, you can also find someone to help you, as long as you have this capital.

summary: products to be cheaper, products should not be too miscellaneous, better service, the site itself to improve, do a good job of promotion. The above points you have done, I believe you will make a lot of money in this industry.

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