How to retain customers in city network

city network content classification is very rich, can be exactly the same content to create the Central Plains portal, how to attract more customers?. Different from the others, we can stand on the ground. City network is located in business and entertainment, from the perspective of urban life, to provide convenient living services.

[a sense of home,]

places the city network in the "home" of city people, and attracts customers with special services. The city network can open up a personal space platform, like a home, with many people and management. Imagine a busy day, pour a cup of coffee and sit by the computer. Open the city network, understand the news related to your life, inquire about the recent entertainment, schedule the weekend schedule, visit the online shopping mall, customize the romantic dinner, and enjoy the fun of life in the forum.

The advantage of

‘s personal platform is that it provides more relevant information and services according to customers’ interests. The content of each column of the website is embedded inside, also can undertake all sorts of marketing activities more specific. Provide tools for life, and communicate with family members. Regard here as the platform of network life, also be the platform that network and reality combine.

(concrete classification)

The related content of

website, such as news, entertainment etc..


tools, such as diaries, family book, schedule reminders, query service, financial management.

, a member of the exchange, such as book, letter


family gatherings, such as organized activities related to the theme of

, special services, such as service customization, online shopping.

[online shopping]

, eBay and Taobao have enabled the online shopping market to become active, while Henan shopping sites are few. In the face of challenging markets, online shopping can be done in the form of business alliances and web alliances.

(column classification)

of the commodity recommendation

do goods information, including the city’s exquisite goods.

The online purchase of

can be used as an intermediary platform to contact the franchisee to provide goods, and also to use other website resources to jointly engage in marketing activities, such as SOS3’s search shop.


custom service

uses virtual services as a commodity to make up for the gaps in the real market. Such as tailor-made meals, special delivery methods, personalized goods.

[marketing campaign]

spends less of its budget and uses creative activities to achieve good results.


for the city in the same year of

this activity has many, but have not really done, we should have their own characteristics, more targeted.

campaign theme: look for the people in this city,