For eager to increase the chain of webmaster

daily publicity and promotion to be efficient, not casually. His hair improper Xinlimeidi, of things is not necessarily good, more and more tired, more upset. This is very bad for a webmaster.

what should I do,


first of all, what do you do every day to promote and post


in order to increase the chain, must be selective very strong, in the place where the weight is higher, but not flood. Otherwise it’s very harmful. Other webmasters don’t allow you to send them.

in order to increase the flow of the site, I do not deny that this will bring some traffic, but by this long-term suction flow is not realistic, at least certainly you do not do much. Because the postings on the Internet, mostly by Internet users believe that advertising, or even spam.

What if you

too, not links, not traffic, then please stop, don’t use this network useless garbage pollution. Garbage is useless because I think at least 2 of them are rubbish, but at least they are useful.

secondly, post postings should have content, even fine stuff. Such a post will be improperly passed through the review, to bring you the flow, to bring you the chain, will be reproduced in other stations on the network. It can be said to be 1 hundred. If you engage in junk posts, everywhere, people everywhere who, little possibility to flow, was reproduced 0 probability, the possibility of the chain is very few, because the site administrator can not tolerate such spam, especially good website administrator.

summary, the post for the boutique, post site is very famous, the webmaster is very relaxed, the effect is very good. On the contrary, it is opposite.