Micro blog CEO flow = brand users and visitors income = value

for content authors, the new media age needs to remember three "not equal": flow is not equal to brand value, visitors are not equal to the value of the user, income is not equal to commercial value.

Wang Gaofei speech at the first V influence summit

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in December 9th, micro-blog held its first V influence summit in Beijing. Micro-blog CEO Wang Fei delivered a speech on the golden age of new media.

he believes that users read the trend of mobile terminals to mobile phones can not be reversed, but the content is still the core competitiveness, media development still needs brand value, user value and business value to support. For content authors, the new media age needs to remember that three "do not equal": the flow is not equal to the brand value, the visitor does not mean the user value, and the income is not equal to the commercial value.

below is king’s speech speech:

I want to

over the past two years, along with the mobile Internet and mobile social networking, the rapid spread of news products, is actually a rapid growth since the media even expansion process, in this process, we see a lot of individual authors, traditional media to the mobile platform, business, and even we see a society that is to say "everyone can become a new media".

, the tendency of users to read to the mobile terminal is irreversible,

we are experiencing a golden age of new media, and see in various fields, many individuals and institutions have begun to operate their own brand, talent shows itself, with its own user groups, and even have their own business model.

but it’s really hard to imagine that in another 5 years and 10 years, this mobile market can accommodate millions of new media companies, and I think perhaps 10 will be enough. For micro-blog this new media platform, what should be the new media continued success in the next 5 years, 10 years? This is actually a lot of micro-blog colleagues including me in thinking about the problem, because the new media how to develop better, mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, it is worth thinking.

to discuss this topic, let’s take a look at the characteristics of the new media age. The media cannot do without the body, the body cannot do without the media, how to say? That is to say any content is actually cannot do without the media, what is the media age invariant? Media media has been in constant change, can be seen in the past 50 years, from newspapers to radio, television, and to 90s, PC Internet, mobile Internet era until the last 5 years, we can see the media outlets in the rapid change.

read terminal fragmentation and convenience, at present, all focus on the mobile terminal, for this trend, we believe that the first, non rebellious, second, in the next 5 years or even longer, >